Darren Norbert is a corporate pirate in the Dreamwave portion of Generation One continuity.
He appears exclusively in the Keepers Trilogy.

You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Darren Norbert is a pirate. He's a 19 year old slob with no marketable skills but an uncanny ability to network between people that's made him fabulously wealthy and accomplished at a young age. He's the man who makes the deals and takes his fat slice right off the top. Loyal to no one, he'll betray his current client to his next one, after all— the up-front fees are the sweetest ones...

Darren Norbert wears a baseball cap. Backwards.

Dreamwave Continuity

The Keepers Trilogy
Secretly working with the Keepers in exchange for advanced technology, Darren Norbert opened the Temporal Gate in Ginza, Tokyo that transported Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bluestreak, Megatron and 212 humans to Labyrinth.

Darren Norbert has plans for their absence. For months he'd been gently influencing the Decepticon Starscream to target Las Vegas for a peaceful takeover. When it happened, Norbert, from his base in the penthouse of the Buccaneer Hotel and Casino, was in position to grab the corporate sponsorship and investment dollars coming into Starscream's technology-sharing and media deals- and make an obscene amount of money doing so. Darren Norbert put together the Decepticons' Reality-TV show Real Life—Transformers Style, which eh also used to promote other properties he owned like the boy band the High Rollahz.

Masking his activities from Decepticon monitoring with white noise false voice tracks on the frequencies Soundwave was monitoring, Darren Norbert arranged the private army backing Grimlock's liberation of Las Vegas. He was poised to have a top-rated live TV show documenting an all-out war in a US city--and own the exclusive rights to it.

...but then Soundwave traced Megatron's disappearance back to him, and hit Darren with a rock. A big rock. That was on fire.

Never piss off Soundwave.

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