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Darkwings is a combined from form the Super-God Masterforce continuity family.

Darkwings is the combined vehicle form of Hydra and Buster. Its maximum speed can reach Mach 30. This formation can perform the "Chōkon Wing Thunder Hurricane" attack by using Chōkon Power to stir up a mad energy-charged death-wind. After Hydra and Buster's rebirth as robotic beings, their combined form is able to perform "Mach X Flight". Darkwings was accidentally discovered by the duo during a brawl.[1]


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Hydra and Buster used this form for increased power and speeds, while at the same time it awakened some of their special abilities. It was used as a last resort in battle.

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Super-God Masterforce comic


Super-God Masterforce

  • Hydra, Buster (Godmaster Decepticons, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: D-304, D-305
Darkwings is formed by combining the individual toys of Hydra and Buster. Once their Godmaster engines are plugged in, the two jets can be combined to form a single "superjet".
An alternate-color version of Darkwings could also be made with the individual mail-order "Hydra Darkwing" and "Buster Dreadwing" toys.
  • Darkwings (Gift-set, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: D-306
A special gift-set of Hydra and Buster focusing on their Darkwings formation. They are identical to their normal-retail individual releases.


The name "Darkwings" is derived from "Darkwing", Hydra and Buster's American counterparts. On a similar note, Buster's Dreadwing release with Hydra Darkwing takes the name Dreadwing.