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Darksteel was created, along with Skylynx, by Shockwave and Starscream, who were re-creating an old plan; Project Predacon. Darksteel revels in combat, particularly combat that ends with him standing victorious over a damaged Autobot. Darksteel appeared in Predacons Rising. Darksteel laughs a lot, is very easily amused, and often has a sick smile on his face. These traits make him a jovial Predacon.


Predacons Rising[]

When they were discovered by Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen, the Predacons engaged them, separating the two Autobots.

PredaconRising4 zps11e96b94

Skylynx and Darksteel in beast mode

During the battle, Smokescreen was thrown by Darksteel and struck hard against a wall, while Ultra Magnus tried to intervene, but was attacked and was severely injured by Skylynx. Smokescreen escaped from Darksteel with the Phase Shifter to rescue Ultra Magnus and escaped through the Groundbridge.

Skylynx and Darksteel

Skylynx and Darksteel

After the battle Darksteel returned with Skylynx to one of the labs of Shockwave, only to be scolded by Starscream for being discovered by the Autobots. Sometime later Starscream located the bones cna and fossil remains of the Ancient Predacons so he and Skylynx were ordered to collect the Predacon bones cna and fossil remains. Darksteel bore witness as Unicron arrived and turned the Ancient Predacons into Terrorcons. Not long after he watched as Unicron's army of Terrorcons headed off for the Well of the Allspark, and met Predaking for the first time when he arrived on the scene.

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"And who made you boss?"

Predaking demanded Darksteel to join him, but he and Skylynx initially refused and attacked Predaking instead. Although they had the upperhand against him for a short time, Predaking managed to pin them down and they surrendered. Shockwave, who was attacked by the Terrorcons, but survived, suggested that they use their strength against the Terrorcons.

At the arrival of the Nemesis, Darksteel and the other two Predacons battled with all the Terrorcons flying in the sky. The Nemesis crashed during the battle and the Autobots went outside. Darksteel landed alongside Predaking and Skylynx alongside the Autobots, he then attacked all the Terrorcons along with Predaking and Skylynx. At first Darksteel and the other Predacons had the upper hand, but the Terrorcons outnumbered them and forced them all the way down to the core of Cybertron. At the moment Unicron was defeated by Optimus Prime, all the Terrorcons turned to dust.


Predaking and his brethren take revenge on Starscream

Later on when Starscream planned to claim Darkmount as his own, Darksteel joined his fellow Predacons in settling some old scores.



"And who made you boss?"
―Darksteel questioning Predaking's authority in Predacons Rising

When Predaking first met up with Darksteel and Skylynx, they were not willing to take his command. Instead, they fought Predaking until they were defeated by him. Darksteel is now under Predaking's command and looks to him as a leader, a fellow Predacon brother and friend.


"OW! That hurt!"
― Darksteel to Skylynx after being brained with the same Predacon bone that Darksteel accidentally hit Skylynx with.

Skylynx and Darksteel were both created by Shockwave. The pair are seen together throughout Predacons Rising. Skylynx is not fond of Darksteel's annoying habits, such as accidentally hitting Skylynx with a Predacon bone and laughing about it. Skylynx asked if it was amusing to him and hit Darksteel with the exact bone. When the pair fought Predaking, they were defeated and went under Predaking's command. Darksteel and Skylynx are good friends and Predacon brothers.

Team Prime[]

Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus battled Skylynx and Darksteel in Predacons Rising. Later when Unicron raised an undead Predacon army to destroy Cybertron, Skylynx and Darksteel teamed up with Team Prime and Predaking to save their home. After they defeated Unicron, with the aid of Optimus Prime, Skylynx may have stayed as an ally to Team Prime.


Shockwave is Darksteel's creator. While they have little interaction in Predacons Rising, Shockwave seems to treat Darksteel with respect. Shockwave even convinced Skylynx, Darksteel and Predaking to aid the Autobots in fighting against Unicron's army of undead Predacons.



Darksteel fought Unicron and was temporarily defeated by him in Predacons Rising. Darksteel, Skylynx, and Predaking fought alongside the Autobots in defeating Unicron's army.


Darksteel seems to hate Starscream. In Predacons Rising, Starscream zapped Skylynx and Darksteel for disobeying his orders. After Unicron's defeat, Predaking, Skylynx, and Darksteel sought to seek their revenge on Starscream at Darkmount.


Darksteel is one easily amused Predacon. Whether it's surprising Autobots, whacking Skylynx over the head with a bone, or thinking about the gutting of other Cybertronians, you can bet that Darksteel's going to laugh it up. At least he can stop joking long enough to scrap some Autobots. He appears to be very tough and skilled in battle, as he was able to take on Smokescreen in beast mode. Unlike Skylynx, Darksteel likes to goof around and not take things very seriously. He laughs quite a lot, even when it does not seem appropriate to do so, and displays a twisted sense of humor. However, Darksteel appears to respect his fellow brethren, Predaking and Skylynx. Darksteel took part in the alliance between Autobots, Knock Out and Predacons against Unicron. Just like other Predacons, he has a ferocious predatory lust for destruction as shown when he and Skylynx attacked Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen, and later Unicron.


Darksteel is dark blue with some grey scattered here and there. His face is yellow as is the top of his head in beast mode. In beast mode he resembles a mechanical ursagryph.


  • In the movie Darksteel is always seen with Skylynx. They are not shown to go separate ways.
  • Darksteel seems to lack intelligence, as he would more often laugh than take things seriously. 
  • Darksteel's face and personality is similar to Breakdown and Dreadwing.
  • Since Darksteel and Skylynx are usually together and nearly identical, most people get confused by which one is which.
  • Like Predaking, Darksteel and Skylynx both suffer from mass displacement issues in beast mode.
  • Darksteel is the only Predacon to speak in an American accent rather than a British one.
  • He was a temporary Decepticon because he and Skylynx were under Starscream's command.
  • Darksteel's beast mode is known as an ursagryph (essentially, half-bird/half-bear creature) and he shares it with another Predacon named Grimwing.


  • "Hahaha."
  • "Oww, that hurt!"
  • "Rip him to shreds!!!"
  • "Skylynx look! One of us?"
  • "Ha ha, he should've been here to see them rise and shine."
  • "And who made you boss?"


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