This article is about the live-action movie series Decepticon. For the Prime Predacon, see Darksteel (Prime).

Dark Steel is a Decepticon from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity. He is sometimes known as Dark Steel.

Darksteel is a traditionalist. As a student of some of the most respected Decepticon warriors on Cybertron, he learned there is no substitute for a razor-sharp blade and clever mind. Blasters and cannons get the job done, but may fail in the heat of battle. The blade never falters.


  • Dark Steel (Deluxe, 2011)
  • Accessories: Mechtech Blasters/Blades.
Darksteel is a retooling of the Deluxe Dark of the Moon Sideswipe with a new head sculpt and the color scheme resembling Beast Wars Quickstrike. He is gun-metal grey with blue flames painted on the hood, and he now has a red windscreen. On top of the Instructions it says "Autobot" and on the box it says "Decepticon".
His MechTech weapons are redecoed from Starscream's.



  1. Confirmed by Lenny Panzica l on BotCon 2011.
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