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Lazarus has weapons for sale while Spike learns that he can't escape his past.

Transformers: Generation 1: Prime Directive > Issue #1
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Transformers: Generation 1, Vol. 1 #1

Writers: Chris Sarracini (Chrislock)
Pencils: Pat Lee (Patimus Prime)
Inks: Rob Armstrong (Robonus)
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia (Edwin Magnus)
Colors: TheRealT!
Graphic Design: Paul Villafuerte (Paulceptor)
Letters: Dreamer Design
Pre-Press: Kell-O-Graphics
President, Art Director: Pat Lee (Patimus Prime)
V/P Editor-in-Chief: Roger Lee (Hot Rog)
Director of Management: Derek Choo-Wing (Derekstator)
Director of Sales: Amelia Lo (Milly Bee)
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Santos (Lizstreak)
Producer: Adam Fortier (Fortier Maximus)
Licensing, Marketing and Merchandising: Hawke Studios
Special thanks to: James Riaz, Sigmund Torre, Ramil Sunga, Erik Sander and Kato



Items of note

  • Following the story is a 2-page fictional new article entitled "Reliving the '99 Ark II Tragedy—What Happened?"
  • The middle of the comic contains a two-page spread by James Riaz and Alan Wang featuring a group of Generation 1 Autobots and Autobots from Armada.

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