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Darkness Falls is the second installment in the Transformers: Prime comic series.


This book recounts the events of "Darkness Rising, Part 3", "Darkness Rising, Part 4" and "Darkness Rising, Part 5", through the use of cartoon screen captures arranged in comic book style panels.


Darkness Rising, Part 3

  • Much of Ratchet's fight with the Dark Energon-infused widget is missing, including his "I needed that!".
  • Ratchet steals Prime's line about the Dark Energon bringing Cliffjumper back to life, starting at "It would stand to reason..."
  • Instead of yelling "Sweet!" as the kids arrive at the base, Miko steals Jack's "That was awesome!" line.
  • Bulkhead finding Miko's guitar in his chest is left out.
  • Arcee's "When you're in charge, you can call the shots" line is skipped.
  • After Miko tells Jack to cover himself in fake blood, the scene jumps to the proximity sensor going off and Bulkhead telling the kids to hide.
  • Jack's line about earning extra credit is omitted.
  • Optimus and Ratchet's fight against the zombies specifically takes place in the Grand Canyon.
  • Fowler's line about the freeways not being safe is trimmed, as is most of the chase sequence between him and the Decepticon drone.
  • After Bulkhead receives the S.O.S. from Fowler's helicopter, the lines where he fails to trace the signal, and him claiming Fowler's a jerk are skipped.
  • Raf correcting Miko on his age is omitted.
  • As is the entire next scene with Fowler and Starscream on the Nemesis.
  • As Bulkhead leaves, Miko's line about not breaking up the band is skipped. The tail end of the scene with the Jack calling to Miko is transplanted to the next scene featuring him and Raf.
  • Miko's attempt to attack the Vehicon with a rock is left out.
  • Jack steals Raf's line about Bulkhead not realizing Miko followed him through the GroundBridge.
  • Arcee trying to contact base and ordering Bumblebee to put his foot down are omitted.
  • The next scene with Fowler is swapped with Bulkhead seeing Jack and Raf arrive at the Con spaceship.
  • Miko's line about the other kids hanging with their own 'Bots is missing.
  • Ratchet's line about inviting Megatron down is also skipped.

Darkness Rising, Part 4

  • Ratchet's lament, shortly before the main titles, about their foe is skipped.
  • Bulkhead's fight with the Vehicons atop the Nemesis is trimmed back. Him noticing that only Jack and Raf are standing down below and asking aloud about Miko is skipped, jumping to when she reveals herself.
  • Bulkhead ripping off the ship's dish and flinging it is missing.
  • Their first encounter with Vehicons inside the ship is also gone, though Miko's "I think I'm gonna heave again" line is transplanted to a shot of the pair just before they enter the ship.
  • After Bumblebee and Arcee rescue Jack and Raf, Raf and Bumblebee's exchange is omitted, as is Jack's reply to Arcee.
  • As they find Bulkhead, Bulkhead and Arcee's lines are swapped.
  • While Starscream interrogates Fowler, the human starts talking about carnival funhouses before they hear the sound of fighting.
  • The scene following that, with the kids trying to avoid falling Vehicons during the fight in the ship's corridors is left out.
  • After Arcee tells the kids to stay in the storeroom, the exchange between her and Bumblebee is missing.
  • Raf yells after Miko asks "Did I ask you to follow me?" cutting the argument short.
  • Jack and Miko reassuring Raf that the Autobots will come back for them is missing.
  • The scene with the Autobots reaching the brig is swapped with the scene after it.
  • Miko's question about space nachos is missing.
  • After Raf says the ship's tech is alien, the whole rest of the scene with the Vehicon entering and aiming at him is skipped.
  • All of Fowler's delirious rambling is left out. Aww!
  • Jack rescuing Raf is excised, jumping right to Jack telling Miko to take a picture.
  • As well as Fowler's line about pie being left out, so is Miko's reaction to them having rescued him.
  • The scene back at the canyon cuts short as Megatron flies off.
  • A chunk of the scene back at base is cut, after Jack reacts to the news Megatron is back, Optimus announces it was never their intent to put the kids in harm's way, cutting Jack's exploding at Miko.
  • A couple of Jack's interruptions to Miko's speech are cut, including him saying he was raised to be responsible.

Darkness Rising, Part 5

  • None of the visuals of Optimus's description of what Megatron will do are included, though his speech is still intact.
  • Jack's question about him being warrior material is missing.
  • As the Autobots prepare to leave for space, the kids' farewells are cut, jumping to Ratchet's grousing about being stranded with the humans.
  • Bulkhead's unsteadiness after they reach the spacebridge is left out.
  • After Raf suggests the radio dish array in Texas, the next chunk of dialogue with them discussing getting Fowler to help is skipped, moving straight to Raf trying to hack in.
  • After Jack suggests getting Raf on-site, the rest of the scene with the Autobots discussing the idea is cut.
  • The next scene in space with Megatron launching the Vehicons is excised, as are all of the sequences of Autobots fighting Vehicons that follow.
  • After Soundwave is revealed to be at the array too, the following sequences of him and Raf fighting over the dish alignment, the kids fighting with the tentacle, and them eventually finding Soundwave himself, are all cut. Soundwave simply aligns the dishes and it takes first time.
  • Optimus and Megatron's one-on-one fight is omitted. After Optimus announces "One shall stand, one shall fall", Starscream contacts Megatron to point out what the other Autobots are doing.
  • Fowler's line about the approaching Terrorcons is missing. His reaction to the spacebridge sabotage is left out.
  • Optimus's "Autobots, jump!" line is omitted.
  • Fowler's departure from the base is also left out, meaning he doesn't appear in the last third of the story at all.
  • A small section of Optimus's closing speech is left out "-with our three young friends. True warriors-"


  • In this issue, Bumblebee's dialog is entirely punctuation marks.
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