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Darkmount was a massive Decepticon fortress situated near Jasper, Nevada. It was armed with multiple fusion cannons, which makes it a perfect foothold for Megatron's future conquest of Earth. It's also sometimes called New Kaon.

Another fortress called Darkmount existed on Cybertron and was Megatron's original fortress during the Great War.


After activating the Omega Lock, Megatron had directed a shaft of its immense energy through the Space Bridge, striking Earth near Jasper and creating a huge Cybertronian fortress in the process. Agent Fowler had the town evacuated as a result. When the Decepticons returned to Earth, Megatron dubbed this fortress as New Kaon before starting to destroy the nearby Autobot base.

As the Autobot base collapse in rubbles, Megatron later named his new fortress as Darkmount. Seeing that the human military sent many tanks and helicopters to attack his fortress, he is more than confident that his fortress' fusion cannons are more than enough to deal with them rather than sending Starscream's Armada.

When he arrived on Earth, Ultra Magnus thought up a plan to destroy the fortress with the help of the U.S Military. Despite eliminating large numbers of Vehicons, all the Insecticons and the PredaconTeam Prime was still overwhelmed. They were only saved by the reborn Optimus Prime. Agent Fowler destroyed the fortress shortly after with a squadron of "Skystrikers"

The Darkmount on Cybertron looked identical to the one on Earth. Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Arcee and Smokescreen went there looking for clues on where Starscream and Shockwave might be hiding but were engaged by Unicron, inside Megatron's body. Bulkhead, Arcee and Smokescreen were then caught hanging over a ledge over a smelting pit, which Arcee was puzzled as to why it still worked when the rest of the planet didn't. Eventually, the Autobots bridged out from Unicron's wrath as he himself left. Later after Unicron was defeated Starscream returned there to reclaim leadership of the Decepticons, only to be confronted by the Predacons.  



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