Motorcycle Drones are Vehicons in the Beast Machines portion of the Generation 1 continuity.

Motorcycle Drones (also known as Cycle Drones) are the spearhead of Megatron's Vehicon forces. These deadly sparkless drones chase down fugitive Maximals with their astonishing speed and manoeuverability, and finish them off with their lethal pulse weapons. While their computerized brains are simple, their general Thrust leads them quite ably.


Beast Machines cartoon

Motorcycle Drones were used by Megatron in his conquest of Cybertron. They were the second type of Vehicons encountered by Optimus Primal's Maximals, when a squad of drones chased them into the Oracle chamber and were defeated by the Maximals' new technorganic forms. The drones were granted a leader shortly thereafter when Megatron bestowed Waspinator's spark upon a Motorcycle Drone, creating Thrust. Thrust and his drones continued to bedevil the Maximals, most notably when a group of Motorcycle Drones equipped with spark extractors felled all of the Maximals save for Primal immediately prior to Cybertron's reformatting.


  • Motorcycle Drone (Basic, 2001)
The Motorcycle Drone was released in the last wave of the Beast Machines toyline, as part of the Battle for the Spark subline. It transforms into a maroon and silver Cybertronic motorcycle, and has both bipedal and wheeled robot modes (the latter of which was featured on the show). It features a missile launcher in the left tailpipe/right arm, activated by pressing on the spark crystal. It hews more closely to the animation model than the Thrust toy released the year before, which may be why it was redecoed as Thrust for release in the Japanese Beast Wars Returns line several years later.

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