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(Panel from Perchance to Dream, part 1, Marvel UK #255. Art by Andrew Wildman. {{comicinterior}})
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:''Alexis is a [[human]] in the [[Unicron Trilogy]] continuity family''
Panel from [[Perchance to Dream, part 1]], Marvel UK #255. Art by [[Andrew Wildman]].
[[Image:Alexis.jpg|right|thumb|Future hot government diplomat or future hot hippie protester?]]
'''Alexis''' wants to be [[President of the United States|President]] when she grows up. Why does she think she's qualified? Keeping her friends [[Carlos Lopez|Carlos]] and [[Rad White|Rad]] from killing themselves every day has got to be less troublesome than running the free world.
===Animated continuity===
'''Voice actor:''' [[Tabitha St. Germain]] (US), [[Akira Tomisaka]] (Japan)
When the Decepticon turncoat [[Starscream (Armada)|Starscream]] joined the ranks of the Autobots, Alexis took a shine to him. However, Starscream dismissed her, and the other human children as he was only concerned with defeating Megatron. Despite this, the kids asked Starscream to bring them back a souvenier when the former Decepticon and Jetfire travelled to Mars in search of a Mini-Con panel. In spite of his rude, lone-wolf demeanor, Starscream brought back a mysterious green rock for the kids, thus earning him a place in their hearts, in particular Alexis.
Much later, she revealed to Starscream that she had fashioned an amulet (that was somehow tied to his very spark) out of the rock he had procured for her. When Starscream was destroyed by [[Unicron]], her amulet cracked symbolically, alerting her to the fact something was very wrong.
Ten years later, Alexis was now working as a diplomat on behalf of the Earth Federation, usually as a liason between the nations of Earth and the Cybertronian Autobot-Decepticon alliance. She seems to have gotten over Starscream's death.
===Dreamwave comics continuity===
===Panini comics continuity===
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Panel from Perchance to Dream, part 1, Marvel UK #255. Art by Andrew Wildman.

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