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[[Image:JeffAnderson.jpg|right|thumbnail| Jeff Anderson Self-Portrait]]
==Vital Statistics==
ISBN 978-0-06-088836-7 <br/>
'''Writer:''' [[Kate Egan]], based on the screenplay and story of the [[Transformers (2007)|2007 Movie]]<br/>
'''Illustrator:''' [[Marcelo Matere]]<br/>
'''Pagecount:''' 48pp
'''Major characters:'''
'''Jeff Anderson''' was an artist on the Marvel UK Transformers comic, beginning with issue #65. At one point he lived in Hartlepool, England, with his wife and three children.
* All major characters from the [[Transformers (2007)|2007 movie]] appear in this retelling ''except'' the one from the Quatar SOCCENT Base ([[William Lennox]], [[Robert Epps]], [[Jorge Figueroa]]) and [[Scorponok (Movie)|Scorponok]] (who only appeared in scenes fighting them)
Originally published: In the US by Harper Entertainment, an imprint of Harper Collins ''Publishers'', 2007
He is not to be confused with Jeff Anderson, who played "Randal" in the film "Clerks" who apparently knows NOTHING about the greatness of Transformers.
Long ago the [[Transformers]] battled over the [[All Spark|Allspark]], the source of their life force, which was lost in space and eventually fell to Earth.
Years later, [[Archibald Witwicky]] activated an [[Megatron (Movie)|iceman]] in the Arctic, which burned strange symbols into his glasses...
[[Samuel James Witwicky|Sam Witwicky]] went to buy a used car after giving a report on his ancestor. A beat-up [[Bumblebee (Movie)|yellow camaro]] honked when he tried to look at other cars, so he bought it.
[[Blackout (Movie)|Blackout]] attacked a military base, and analyst [[Maggie Marconi]] is brought in to find out who was responsible. When Air Force One is also attacked and a virus left behind, she consults with her hacker-friend [[Glen Whitman|Glen]] who thinks the virus must be alien.
[[Category: Illustrators|Anderson, Jeff]]
[[Category: Marvel Comics|Anderson, Jeff]]
[[Frenzy (Movie)|Frenzy]] cross-references the file he stole from [[Air Force One]] and finds out Sam is auctioning off Archibald Witwicky's belongings online.
In the middle of the night, a [[Mustache Man|mustached man]] drives off with Sam's car. He follows it to a factory where he sees the car stand up and beam a light into the sky. The camaro departed before Sam could find out more. ''Sam's encounter with the dogs, the police report, etc... does not occur.''
Sam's car is back in the driveway the next day, and Sam follows it on bike when it leaves, encountering [[Mikaela Banes]], who follows him out of curiosity. Sam is attacked by a police car, which turned into the [[Decepticon]] [[Barricade (Movie)|Barricade]]. Bumblebee rescues them both, and then scans a new-model Camaro to impress his new friends. ''The fight with [[Frenzy (Movie)|Frenzy]] does not occur''.
Outside of town, four meteors land and unfold into [[Transition form|spindly robots.]] They all scan cars passing on the nearby highway and introduce themselves as [[Optimus Prime (Movie)|Optimus Prime]], [[Ironhide (Movie)|Ironhide]], [[Ratchet (Movie)|Ratchet]] and [[Jazz (Movie)|Jazz]]. Optimus Prime explains that his brother Megatron is leader of the Decepticons, and he burned a map into the glasses of Sam's ancestor long ago.
Sam and Mikaela return to their home to search for the glasses, but the secret government agency [[Sector Seven]] arrives and grabs them into custody before they can deliver the glasses. The Autobots attack the Sector Seven convoy and free Sam and Mikaela. Bumblebee is captured protecting the humans, who are also taken back into custody, but Optimus Prime recovers the dropped glasses.
[[John Keller|Defense Secretary Keller]], not believing Maggie Marconi's claim the attacks are alien, is preparing to attack either Russia or China- when the virus Frenzy planted shuts down worldwide communications. Sector Seven agent [[Tom Banachek]] shows him the attackers are aliens.
All parties converge on [[Hoover Dam]], Sector Seven's secret headquarters. They have megatron here frozen in ice, and the Allspark. The Decepticons attack the dam, and Megatron begins to awaken. Sam convinces them to free Bumblebee so he can transport the Allspark. They meet up with the Autobots as Megatron escapes.
The Autobots and Decepticons battle in the nearby city. Sam ends carries the Allspark to the top of a building to get away but it attacked by Starscream and Megatron. Optimus Prime yells for Spike to shove the Allspark into Megatrons' spark, which overloads it.
With their lifeforce destroyed, the Autobots vow to survive for those who did not. Later, Optimus Prime sends a message into space for any other Autobots who may have survived telling them to come to their new home.
==Items of Note==
* The [[All Spark|Allspark]] is described as "the only remaining Allspark."
* The [[Pentagon]] was aware their base had been attacked by a robot, but assumed it was created by Russia or China. [[Maggie Marconi]] is their top analyst, not one of many.
* The characters from [[Qatar]] are completely absent in this retelling, including [[Scorponok (Movie)|Scorponok]].
[[Image:StorybookGlen.jpg|thumb|250px|Pony pirates!]]
* [[Glen Whitmann|Glen]] is white and skinny. Apparently, the reference materials given to artist Marcelo Matere did not properly cover Glen, as he originally drew a female character sitting at the computer (hence the My Little Pony) - the publishing company later changed Matere's artwork to reflect Glen's correct gender, but inexplicably not his skin color. <ref>Personal communications with Marcelo Matere</ref>. ''Glen is identified by his first name only.''
* [[Bumblebee (Movie)|Bumblebee]]'s holographic driver is specifically noted to have a [[Mustache Man|mustache]], just like [[Blackout (Movie)|Blackout's]] and [[Starscream (Movie)|Starscream's]].
* Bumblebee's "guardian" function is explained to mean he has appointed himself Sam's personal bodyguard.
* Tom Banachek uses a Mac. He's also dressed like an army officer. The pictures on from Mars include clear views of Barricade and Frenzy.
* Hoover's reason for building the dam around the Allspark was not to hide it, it was to contain the dangerous energy which could turn any machine into a monster.
* Frenzy did not relay the location of Sector Seven's base to the other Decepticons, rather the base's location is explained to be in the file he stole from Air Force One. ''This makes very little sense. Why bother attacking Sam then?
* [[Jazz (Movie)|Jazz's]] death is not directly addressed. He is "hit by a massive pulse" from Megatron, then never mentioned again. (Conspicuously so; he his absent from the list of triumphant Autobots at the end of the book.)
* Sam's "throw the football" Allspark attack reflects early drafts of the movie script.
==External links==
* [ Transformers: The Movie Storybook at]

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Jeff Anderson Self-Portrait

Jeff Anderson was an artist on the Marvel UK Transformers comic, beginning with issue #65. At one point he lived in Hartlepool, England, with his wife and three children.

He is not to be confused with Jeff Anderson, who played "Randal" in the film "Clerks" who apparently knows NOTHING about the greatness of Transformers.

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