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After an energon explosion, Optimus Primal loses his sense of vision. So it's up to a reluctant Dinobot to guide him back to base.

Japanese title: ジャングルぐるぐる (Jungle Guruguru "Around and Around the Jungle")


Rattrap burrows through some rocks to uncover a piece of valuable Energon. Cheetor congratulates Rattrap's discovery, while Dinobot, disgruntled with the labour, discovers a deposit of surface Energon several times the size of Rattrap's harvest.

Suddenly, a dart from Scorponok lands on one of the larger pieces of Energon. Rhinox recognizes the dart as an explosive, and rushes to toss it away from the unstable Energon. However, with the Energon already fractured, there's no stopping the gigantic explosion. Once the fireball expands and rises into the sky, Scorponok and Waspinator are confident they've destroyed their enemies and return to base to report their conquest.

In the aftermath of the explosion, all the other Maximals have escaped and find that Optimus Primal has survived, but because of Energon poisoning, he have lost his sense of vision. Primal panics and frets - until Dinobot puts his foot down and gets his leader moving, in hopes Primal can overcome his disability and reach home - or at least avoid being an easy target.

Dinobot, at the front of the blind Optimus Primal, comes to a sudden stop, causing his leader to bump into his large posterior. Cheetor hops back onto his feet (and onto one of Rattrap's as well). Dinobot silences the group so he can use his ears to detect if something is near the group - his suspicion is confirmed as a large snake grabs Cheetor. Dinobot comically runs into a tree. Rattrap fails to fight the snake off, but Cheetor is saved due to the reptile deciding that Rattrap would be a better meal. Luckily, Rhinox is able to save Rattrap by tossing the snake over the horizon.

Tigatron and Airazor (BW) (finally!) decide to search for their comrades who never reported home. Scorponok and Waspinator, searching for evidence of the expiry of the Maximals, decide to follow the trail of energon radiation their enemies left as the five walked away from the area. Waspinator finds the four as they cross a log over a waterfall, and the Predacon easily unhinges the log, causing the quartet to plunge into the water far beneath. As Waspinator congratulates himself, Terrorsaur arrives, demanding proof of the wasp's endeavor.

The fivw Maximals all manage to wash up on a shore together. Optimus feels doomed by the situation but Dinobot remains hopeful for his leader. The Predacon fliers pass overhead at high speed, finding their targets. In response, Dinobot commands his leader to transform to his robot modes. Next Dinobot instructs the Maximal Commander to imagine the targeting grid from his training. Using all his senses to extend his sensory awareness, Dinobot gives directions for Optimus to aim his weapon. Terrorsaur is hit, and the sound of fire alerts Tigatron to the missing group's location.

Being in robot mode for just a few extra minutes however, accelerated the energon poisoning blinding Optimus to the point that it causes the Maximal Commander to fall into stasis. Luckily Airazor arrives before Primal's spark is extinguished.

After Airazor has brought her friend back to the Axalon, Optimus exits the CR Chamber, the Energon poisoning cleaned from his system and his eyesight restored. Dinobot suggests that the whole ordeal was educational, and leaves to embrace his senses by smelling some flowers.


"So, *snarls* now I'm nothing more than an energon miner? what a waste of my talents," (Machine starts beeping) "I FOUND SOME!"

-- Dinobot is his usual dark self and then a happy miner. what next?

"Nice find, Dino-miner. You're even better at this than Rattrap!"
"Mmm. I'm better at everything than Rattrap!"

-- Cheetor and Dinobot

"Listen to me, Optimus!! You've got to calm down."
"Calm... down...? I CAN'T SEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

-- Dinobot's order and Optimus's reaction

"What irony, for a warrior like me to go out blind, wet, and helpless."

-- Optimus complaining about washing up after the waterfall.


Writers: Samuel Warren Joseph
Original Air Date: January 27, 1997

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons Others
  • A large snake (8)


  • Dinobot shows he's still a proposing to just leave Cheetor behind, which would obviously killed him in that even more weakened state.
  • When Rhinox flings the giant snake away in the jungle, if one listens carefully, one can hear a hard thud followed by an elephant bellowing.
  • It seems likely this episode was originally intended for production and airing earlier in the season. Not only does the plot seem to retread (on a simpler level) the concepts of the just-aired "Call of the Wild", but characters such as Blackarachnia, Airazor, and Inferno are notably absent from the screen (however, Airazor was mentioned by Optimus in the episode - he said she was sent to look for the others in Grid Delta). Therefore, the events of this episode could fall anywhere between "The Spark" and "Spider's Game".
  • Why were Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Dinobot transforming near an Energon deposit that was going to explode?
Waspinator's "death"
  • Waspinator gets blasted from the sky and sent falling into water.

Animation Errors

  • When Optimus Primal tells Tigatron "I'm going to put Sentinel on automatic and search from the air." his left pectoral muscle is much smaller than his right, almost as if it's squeezing itself in. (Optimus' left, not the viewer's.)
  • Earlier on in the episode, when Rattrap is in his robot mode, the underside of his chin was white like his eyes. However, when Rattrap later submits to stasis lock, the underside of his chin is red.
  • When Waspinator goes robot mode when he notices blinded Maximals, his torso piece between halves of wasp's head goes through them.
  • When Rattrap thanks Rhinox for helping them through the events of the episode (at the moment where Rhinox awakens in the CR Chamber), his face plate is charred and burnt, and his eyes are a flat shade of red (instead of glowing red). When Dinobot speaks and Rattrap turns to face him, his face plate is as good as new.
  • This episode seems to be the only CGI animation cartoon series so far with realistic explosions, and fire at certain points. The first one was a mushroom cloud when the Energon was going to explode, the other was with Waspinator crash landing after being shot down and bouncing on the water, once he stops a puff of steam/smoke can be seen. And if you check earlier when Waspinator is hit he goes through a realistic explosion, catching on fire and yet it was realistic as well. What the hell?
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