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Dark Star Saber

They said it could never be done, but the saber is finally in grape color.

"My first creation fashioned from the very Blood of Unicron. I call it the "Dark Star Saber". "Slayer of Primes" if you will!"
―Megatron's Dark Star Saber's debut

The Dark Star Saber, or the "Slayer of Primes" as Megatron called it, is a Dark version of the Star Saber forged and wielded by Megatron through Dark Energon, an arm of a Prime he took and attached it from its body, and the Forge of Solus Prime. The Dark Star Saber possesses all the powers of the original blade and was stronger than its predecessor (at least in their initial encounter) and unlike the original blade, this one doesn't require a Prime to activate its powers and it's far more sinister and malevolent.



Megatron, after securing the arm of a dead Prime from a tomb, used the Forge of Solus Prime to craft a counterpart to the Star Saber out of a huge chunk of Dark Energon. Megatron first brought the blade into action after the decoding of the next Iacon relic in Egypt, and used it to make fools out of Arcee and Smokescreen. The waves of energy it created threw Smokescreen against a pyramid. When Optimus arrived with his own Star Saber, the two engaged in battle, but the Dark Star Saber would prove to be stronger, breaking Optimus's sword.

On Cybertron[]

He took the sword with him to Cybertron to find the Omega Lock. He got the opportunity to use it when the Autobots showed up, and Optimus attacked him with the reforged Star Saber. It also proved capable of destroying the Spark Extractor when Smokescreen used the device against his men. After Megatron began using the Omega Lock to cyberform Earth, Optimus charged at him with the Star Saber. Megatron managed to counter his first blow using the Dark Star Saber, only for Optimus to slice his sword arm off at the elbow. Both sword and arm were subsequently caught in the explosion when Optimus destroyed the Omega Lock.

Final Use by Megatron[]

At some point, the sword was found, without the Prime arm, and kept aboard the ship's vault. When Predaking went rogue, Megatron decided he would use the sword against him. Unfortunately, Predaking found him first. Using his wits, Megatron defeated him and Knock Out brought the sword moments later. Megatron then armed himself with the Dark Saber when he learned that the Autobots were invading. Megatron used the Dark Star Saber in his fight against Optimus, but briefly lost it. After Megatron killed Bumblebee he was able to regain his sword and attempted to use it to kill Optimus, only to be killed by Bumblebee (revived by the Omega Lock) with the real Star Saber. As he lay dying, Megatron dropped the Dark Star Saber, which fell down to Earth.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise[]

RiD 2015 Mini-Con Madness Screamy's Sword

Starscream holding the Dark Star Saber

As revealed in "Mighty Big Trouble", the Dark Star Saber was found at the bottom of the Earth's ocean by Clawtrap and the Scavengers. However Starscream showed up, tracking down the Minicons, and quickly reclaimed the sword. Strangely, the Dark Star Saber was starting to reject him.

In "Mini-Con Madness", Starscream observed that the sword seemed to think he wasn't totally worthy of it, but continued to utilize it anyway, including threatening Bumblebee and hunting "Earth rodents" when not carrying it clamped to his back at all times aboard his ship.

In "Worthy", when Starscream went into battle against the Autobots and Weaponizer Mini-Cons, the Dark Star Saber showed the ability to unleash a pulse of stunning electricity, knocking out the Seeker's opponents to the last bot. Following his defeat by Optimus Prime, the Dark Star Saber was locked away on Optimus' ship for safe transport back to Cybertron.


The Dark Star Saber was created like a dark counterpart of the original Star Saber. It possesses same powers as the original blade and some powers are different thanks to the Dark Energon from witch it was created. This blade is stronger than the original blade. It's handle is black colored and the blade is colored black in the center and puple around the edges. When it's power is active the blade burns with Purple energy it looks like purple colored smoke that surrounds the blade and when Megatron lightly moved with the sword a stream of purple light travelled from the sword's blade. This sword can also cut energy wave from the Star Saber in half. Every Cybertronian can use this dark sword but only a user of the Dark Energon can use it's full power like it's creator Megatron otherwise the sword would weakenen him like in Starscream's case.

  • Umbra-Ergokinesis: Like the Original Star Saber this sword has a immense energy power but unlike the original blade, it is made from Dark Energon. It has a power to create powerful energy waves and since it is made from Dark Energon it can weaken Cybertronian like when Megatron hit Optimus in his shoulder with this sword in their clash with Star Sabers it visibly weakenen him and when Starscream use it to weakenen Optimus, Bumblebee and his team and Decepticon bounty hunters to get a seventh Mini-Con but it weakened him as well. The Dark Star Saber has the ability to doge blaster shots.
    • Umbra-Energy Waves: The Dark Star Saber can like the original blade create a powerful purple colored energy waves when swung hard. When Megatron used the energy wave for the first time he used it to blown Arcee and Smokescreen away but the wave didn't hit them directly it hit the ground instead and that created shockwave that blown them away and the other waves blown Smokescreen towards the pyramid and it would crush him if he didn't bring Phase Shifter with him. The energy wave was powerful enough to badly damage pyramid during the first fight of Star Sabers. Wave was able to cut one of Optimus jetpack's wing when he flew towards the Nemesis and Megatron use them against Optimus in their last fight on the second Omega Lock at Nemesis at first he missed but when Optimus beats him and he fall on the ground he grabbed the sword and swung with it and blown Optimus Prime on the edge of the Lock.
    • Umbra-Energy Beam: Dark Star Saber can create a beam of dark energy. Starscream used this ability against Sideswipe after he gained power from all seven Mini-Cons.
    • Doging Blaster Shots: This sword like the original can doge blaster shots. Megatron used The Dark Star Saber to doge blaster shots from Arcee and Smokescreen in their fight in Egypt over the first Omega Key.
    • Dark Lightning: This sword can unleashed dark electric energy. This electric energy weakens the oponent and knock him unconscious. Megatron first use this ability after the first clash of Star Sabers in Egypt, he unleashed the Dark electric energy to the sky to celebrate his victory over Optimus and his Star Saber. Starscream use this ability to weakenen Optimus, Bumblebee, his team, Decepticon bounty hunters and the seventh Mini-Con in order to get the Mini-Con but it weakened him as well.

Known users[]


  • Megatron's eyes should be purple around the sword as his eyes turn purple around other sources of Dark Energon.
  • Megatron was able to use it without his Prime arm. It's possible he used the Forge merely to create the sword and used the Dark Energon in his spark chamber to control it, or that the sword didn't have any requirements for its use. Starscream's later comments on the sword imply any Cybertronian can use it, but only a user of Dark Energon can access its full power.
  • Despite being associated with him, Megatron only uses the Dark Star Saber for combat in 4 episodes.
  • In season 3, the Dark Star Saber and Star Saber never clashed together.
  • The Dark Star Saber had something of a counterpart in Transformers: Armada media, as the Mini-Con Star Saber-when wielded by Galvatron-took on a dark coloration.


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