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Dark Nova is a weird alien thingy from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family who later becomes Star Giant.

Bossa Nova!!

Dark Nova (ダークノヴァ, daa-ku-no-va) is a mysterious supernatural entity from outer space who sides with the Decepticons against the Autobots. Known as the "Ultimate Emperor", he revived Galvatron, upgrading him into Super Megatron, and later merged with him to become the Star Giant. He commands armies of Novaroid drones and Galaman troopers, which make up the bulk of his forces.

Note: The English name "Star Giant" is actually a translation from the Japanese kanji 星の巨人, hoshi no kyojin. "Giant of the Stars" would also be an acceptable translation.


The Battlestars

Little is known about the origin of Dark Nova; however, he was a very powerful supernatural entity who favored the Decepticons. Using his vast powers, he created the evil False Convoy after scanning the remains of Optimus Prime. After False Convoy's defeat at the hands of the Autobots, they stormed Planet Lucifer to recover Prime's body. Sky Garry used Zodiac energy to resurrect him as Star Convoy.

To counter the threat of Star Convoy, Dark Nova did one better: Recovering the frozen corpse of Galvatron from his icy grave in the North Pole, Dark Nova used his talents to resurrect and upgrade Galvatron into Super Megatron. Super Megatron then led the Decepticon forces (including a legion of Galaman and Novaroid drone warriors) into battle against the Autobots.


"Bossa Nova"?

Eventually, Star Convoy defeated Super Megatron, resulting in Dark Nova providing another upgrade, this time into Ultra Megatron. Ultra Megatron was ultimately defeated as well. Irritated, Dark Nova merged with Ultra Megatron, resulting in the Star Giant. He proved nearly indestructible from the outside, so Star Convoy, Grandus and Sky Garry allowed themselves to be eaten. Inside the Star Giant's tummy, they began tearing him apart. After doing a fatal amount of damage, the trio escaped just as Star Giant detonated. The only piece of Star Giant which survived the explosion was a portion of his head, which happened to be housing the remains of Ultra Megatron, allowing the Emperor of Destruction to survive.



Er... Chevy Nova?

  • The first Return of Convoy toy catalogue featured a very short text story (with pictures) depicting Dark Nova as an ominous, spectral figure looking very much like Unicron. However, none of the text boxes in the story so much as mentioned the name "Unicron", and the actual The Battlestars magazine story pages and manga made no connection to Unicron whatsoever. This leads many to wonder whether Dark Nova is actually connected to Unicron or if it was just an early concept dropped from the actual fiction. Interestingly, the Star Giant suffers a fate almost identical to Unicron's. Coincidence or creative bankruptcy?


  • Dark Nova's robot mode never appeared in any of the Battlestars manga or story pages. Instead, it was featured only in the second toy catalogue, and in a very itty-bitty picture, at that.