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Dark Jet is a Decepticon from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

T-t-t-t-t-touch me. I wanna feel diirrrrty.

Dark Jet is a terrestrial attack officer under the command of Scrash and the leader of the Jet Corps. He's also the fated rival of the Autobot Spin Road, having once killed one of Spin Road's closest friends.

It's said that he can fight against Sixwing on equal terms.


Operation Combination story pages

Dark Jet and the other Decepticons came to Earth to do bad things. When the Autobots blasted Battle Gaia with some BURNING HEART-O I MUST SUCCEED energy, he and the rest of the Jet Corps hauled away the parts left over, presumably forever defeated and humiliated.


Operation Combination

  • Spin Road vs. Dark Jet (Versus pack, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-06
Dark Jet is identical to the Predator Skydive, transforming into a fighter jet. He has a spring-loaded hand-held missile launcher, plus retains the Megavisor gimmick, allowing him to be conencted to the larger Predator toys (only one of which, Skyquake, was released in Japan, and even that was basically in UK packaging). He was available only in a two-pack with Spin Road.

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