This article is about the evil clone of Hot Rod from Generation One. For the bearded evil alternate universe counterpart of Hot Rod, see Rodimus (Timelines).

Dark Hot Rod is a Decepticon turned Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.

Be still, my kidneys.

A dark clone of Hot Rod built by Megatron, Dark Hot Rod was convinced from his creation that he was the real Hot Rod. He is physically Hot Rod's equal, but lacked the Autobot's honor, respect for life and reverence for Optimus Prime. He was driven to destroy what he thought was the fake Hot Rod, and forcibly take the Matrix from Optimus.

However, an encounter with Hot Rod in a crystal-lined cave changed all that. Through a burst of energy, Dark Hot Rod became aware of the truth of his creation. To atone for his actions, he has joined the Autobots, and fights against the very robot who made him!

Japanese name: Black Rodimus


Call of the Future

When the Decepticons returned to stop the Autobots from reaching the UFO, they faced an army of Megatron clones. Afterward, Dark Hot Rod joined the Decepticons. Transformers: Call of the Future

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Generation One


Looks great, like most things in black.

  • Black Rodimus (Autobot, 2001)
Japanese ID number: C-78B
A redeco of the Autobot Hot Rod toy in blacks and grays, Black Rodimus transforms into a futuristic/Cybertronic race car. Though his plastics and paint colors changed, his decals were the same as the normal Rodimus release. It is noteworthy that the hood and door stickers, factory-applied on other versions of the Hot Rod mold, were not preapplied to Black Rodimus, instead being included on a separate sticker sheet. He could only be purchased with the "Crystal Rodimus" version of Hot Rod through Takara.

Unreleased toys

  • The final Titanium Series catalog listed a number of figures which were never released. One of the 3" Micro Figures appearing only as a name (with no image) was the oddly cased "Black RODIMUS". This would presumably have been a redeco of the 3" Rodimus figure, but details about its faction or characterization are unknown.


  • This character's English name, "Dark Hot Rod", actually comes from the Japanese-exclusive video game Transformers.

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