This article is about the MacGuffin. For the story in which it appears, see The Dark Heart of Sandokan.

The Dark Heart of Sandokan is a MacGuffin in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The Dark Heart of Sandokan is a large black crystal shard with the unique property of amplifying any energy source it is connected to, and turning the mental energy of anyone it's in contact with into telekinetic force.

The Dark Heart was used by one of Sandokan's factions to power Synthos, the living weapon that eventually destroyed their world. Its malignant intelligence can use the Dark Heart's telekinetic powers to piece together new and more horrible forms for itself.

Override feared that combining the Dark Heart with a Force Chip would be too much power for anyone to possess.

The Dark Heart appears to be a unique artifact, not a piece of technology.


The Dark Heart was used to create Synthos, bringing an abrupt end to a war that had raged for 1000 stellar-cycles. Rumors of its nature spread throughout space, eventually reaching the ears of Cannonball.

When the Star Arrow crashed on Sandokan, Cannonball (who considered the planet cursed,) opted to have its cargo retrieved by the less-well-informed Astrotrain rather than endanger his own crew. However, when it appeared Synthos was going to destroy Astrotrain as well, Cannonball sailed to his rescue like some sort of clashing hero-villain archetype, yarr.

Despite being stranded on Sandokan by the Autobot Override, Cannonball succeeded in acquiring the Dark Heart. His science office Brushguard is currently working to unlock the secrets of its power. The Dark Heart of Sandokan

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