It's unknown where Dark Energon spiders originate from — possibly formed by Dark Energon, or by manipulating these crystals. But wherever it is, Dark Energon spiders show up. Their only attack is to jump against an enemy. Their body is strange being in the shape of a flattened disc. They have six legs that allow them to rapidly scurry across the ground. Any eyes or mouth that they might have are not visible. They have been actively spawned on multiple occasions. First by Megatron in the Kaon prison, second by the Corrupted Worm, and last by Trypticon himself.


  • Their body color is purple-grey.
  • They can't be called "Decepticon spiders" because it's unknown if they attack on instinct or not.
    • However they are encountered in the Kaon prison roaming through the ventilation tunnels and later Megatron spawns them from Dark Energon crystals to attack the Autobots when they are trapped in the giant face chamber.
      • Trypticon is also able to actively spawn them from the crystals.
  • Destroying a specific amount of them awards the player with the Blast Arachnia achievement, an obvious homage to the Beast Wars character Blackarachnia.
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