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This article is about Sari Sumdac's "friend". For his Generation One equivalent, see Daniel Witwicky (G1).

Daniel Witwicky is a human from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

"Real men don't cry, Danny. They only get stronger."

Daniel Witwicky is a delightful little moppet in an outfit Bootsy Collins wouldn't be caught dead in. He is the son of Spike and Carlee. His mother or father works for Isaac Sumdac, which means he has to pretend to be Sari's friend. He is easily upset by berserk warbots thrashing innocent reporter robots. Go figure.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tara Strong (English)

In a segment about the wonders of modern society and the impact that robots have had upon it, Daniel was seen with his parents purchasing some sort of bunless wiener of dubious origin from a robot vendor cart. Transform and Roll Out!

Daniel was amongst the children who attended Sari Sumdac's birthday party. He didn't want to, because he thought her weird. He wasn't too proud to accept an Autobot ride, though. Sound and Fury

Daniel was amongst a group milling around as Bulkhead was interviewed for the news. He was especially distraught when the enormous Autobot crushed the news bot under an automobile, and a nearby woman gave Bulkhead a stern talking to. Headmaster

Daniel was also one of the children in the class Optimus Prime spoke to on Career Day. He was apparently obsessed with Optimus' fire truck mode. He also asked the question that will undoubtedly be ringing in Optimus' head for a long time: What happens to his trailer when he returns to robot mode. Career Day


Is it a hot dog or a popsicle?

  • Daniel is, of course, the Transformers Animated version of Generation One's Daniel Witwicky. He is (sometimes) accompanied by one or both of his parents, who are similarly familiar in appearance.
  • Daniel has yet to be named on-screen. However, the credits for "Headmaster" have given him his first name, but no last name.
  • Daniel's first name is listed on his model sheet, though with no last name. However, a scale guide featuring Daniel, Spike and Carly is labeled "size comp - Witwicky Family."
  • This version of Daniel is much shorter, if not younger, than his G1 namesake.
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