If it dangles, we'll punch a hole in it.

Danglers are small figurines which attach to items like cell phones and handheld video game consoles by loops of string, and hence, dangle from them. Transformers Danglers are distinguished from others of their breed by their ability to "transform" - but what else would you expect?

The Transformers Danglers Collection figures consist of two pieces: a solid plastic vehicle mode, to which the loop of string is attached, and a rubbery, super-deformed robot-mode shell which surrounds the vehicle mode. The loop threads through a hole in the top of the rubber shell, and attaches to whatever you want to dangle the dangler off, allowing you to slip the shell on and off the vehicle.

The figures are available in capsule machines, coming in small, translucent plastic spheres that split in two. Figures include:

Additionally, in some regions, a Barricade figure is featured on the small pack-in flyer included with the figures, though it is not clear what level of availability the figure has, if any. Notably, in most regions (but, uh, not in the picture we've got here) Brawl is actually called Devastator on the flyer.

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