300px-Patch Starscream dances

Cybertronians and Humans often engage in dancing for the purposes of social events, recreation, or just because they are entertained by the music.

History Edit

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Edit

The Lever Transformer likes to dance.  

Transformers: Prime Edit

"Darkness Rising, Part 5" Edit

When Megatron appeared to have been destroyed in a space bridge accident, Starscream took command and celebrated by getting down on it.

"Con Job" Edit

Maxresdefault (1)-0

Raf and Bee doing "The Robot".

To celebrate the arrival of Wheeljack, Team Prime had a party where Raf and Bumblebee did "The Robot".

"Patch" Edit

When viewing the memory of this boogie night by way of cortical psychic patch, Megatron was unamused. 

Variations Edit

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