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Dai Atlas is an Autobot Supreme Commander from the Generation 1 Japan continuity family.

An atlas helps you find stuff, Dai Atlas shoots you in the face.

Dai Atlas (ダイ·アトラス) succeeded Star Saber as Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces. A skilled swordsman, his prowess with a blade is considered almost equal to that of his predecessor. Dai Atlas has sworn to defeat the forces of the new Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, Violen Jiger, and protect the Zodiac at all costs.

Dai Atlas is a Powered Master who can combine with his partners. When combined with Sonic Bomber, they become Sky Powered. When combined with Road Fire, they become Land Powered. And finally, when all three are united, the end result is Big Powered.

His son Speeder, accompanies him in battle as his Micromaster partner.

Note: The Japanese word "Dai" (大) in his name translates as either "great" (more appropriate in Dai Atlas' case) or "big", and can refer to physical size (big), rank, prestige, and/or amazing power (great). Similarly, Atlas was a giant in Greek mythology so big that he literally held the sky on his shoulders.


Zone (O.V.A.)

Nothin' I love more than a lens flare.

Actor: Yūsaku Yara (Japanese)

Dai Atlas, along with his fellow Powered Masters, created the planet Zone which eventually developed the super energy source, Energon Z. After the 9 Great Demon Generals attacked and destroyed the planet Feminia, and the Supreme Commander Victory Saber was lost in the explosion, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber left to search for their leader.

The pair eventually found and returned the injured Autobot to Zone for repairs. On Zone they received word that they were needed elsewhere, so they left for Earth, to counter an attack from the Demon Generals.

Isn't flying too close to the sun more Dai Icarus' thing?

Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber arrived just in the nick of time (because... y'know, heroes always do), saving the Autobot Micromasters from the all-powerful Decepticon union of legends. Dai Atlas then raced Devastator to the underground location of the Zodiac, an energy source capable of creating an entire universe.

Devastator beat Dai Atlas to the punch and thanks to the intervention of King Poseidon, who caught the Autobot leader with a chain weapon. Devastator handed the Zodiac to King Poseidon and took the chain from him, intending to kill Atlas. But Dai Atlas drove forwards using the treads in his feet and then transformed into his drill mode and smashed through into a wall, killing Devastator in a flood of hot lava.

This drill tank mode can effortlessly drive through solid rock. Wait... what?

Free now, he chased King Poseidon to the surface, where he wrestled the Zodiac away from him. However, Trypticon got pissed off and unleashed his Energon Z Beam, which Sonic Bomber threw himself in front of to protect Dai Atlas, nearly getting himself killed by the attack. Taking a risk, Dai Atlas unleashed the power of the Zodiac, and both he and Sonic Bomber (now healed from Trypticon's attack) transformed into their base modes and blasted Trypticon and King Poseidon into oblivion.

Predaking saw this and decided it was time to get the hell out of there. Dai Atlas pursued, riding on Sonic Bomber. He merged his wings into his Z sword and sliced Predaking neatly in half.

Told you so.

After returning to Zone with the Zodiac, Victory Saber inaugurated Dai Atlas as the new Autobot Supreme Commander. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Zone (Story Pages)

Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber were eventually joined by a third Powered Master, Road Fire. When the Zodiac was finally taken by Violen Jiger, the trio fought to take it back. Combining into Big Powered, they destroyed Violen Jiger, and used the Zodiac energy to create a lush paradise on the emperor's former base, the 10th Planet of the solar system.

The Battlestars

To counter the threat of Dark Nova, Dai Atlas charged the Battlestars with the task of resurrecting Optimus Prime. Giving the Zodiac to their leader, Sky Garry, Dai Atlas inaugurated the youthful Autobot as temporary Supreme Commander, at least until Optimus Prime was brought back online.

IDW Continuity

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Brave Dai Atlas ran away. Bravely ran away away. When Civil War reared it's ugly head, he bravely turned his tailfin and fled. And the ancient warrior, leader of the Cybertronian knights, founded the great Crysal City in hiding, an idealized society under the rule of one robot completely afraid of his own shadow. He got quite upset when the knight Wing brought a young Decepticon into their midst, a young robot named Drift, and even more upset when that young robot Drift was forced to sell out the city to slavers. Dai Atlas, stood firm in resolve not to fight, as his Knights took up arms to drive out the invaders. He was finally spurred into action with the death of Wing, calling forth the full might of his citizenry. Odd that the deaths of some two dozen other knights didn't even seem to make him question, guess Wing was just special. Upon their victory, Dai Atlas wore to open their presence to the universe as a beacon of civility and Cybertronian dreams. Considering the Decepticons nearly wiped out every Autobot in existence a little bit later, and a certain Lockdown happened to know about the city, you have to wonder just how long Dai Atlas' resolve held.



  • Dai Atlas (1990, W/ Speeder)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-348
    • Accessories: Gun, drill, runners/skids, gun platform, dual cannon, 2 wings (left & right), tail fin, 2 large ramps (left and right) 2 ramps, 2 radar dishes, pipe

Three of these things belong together...

Dai Atlas is a quad-changer with three distinct (well, that might be stretching it a bit) alternate modes:
  • Drill-tank
  • 'jet'
  • Base

He contains a battery-powered motor as a gimmick which could rotate the treads on his legs, allowing him to move under his own power in vehicle and robot modes and spins his drill. In base mode his tank treads become moving walkways, and his gun platform can spin.

He includes a cockpit for Micromasters, which can also become a gunnery station. The gun platform and the two large ramps can be combined to form a shield, while his wings can be combined together to form his Z-Sword. In base mode, Dai Atlas can connect to other Micromaster bases, as well as his allies Sonic Bomber and Road Fire, using Micromaster connector ramps.
In robot mode Dai Atlas' articulation is so limited as to be laughable. Don't even think about trying to get him to do any wicked-cool poses. Be content with standing him and pointing his gun forwards.
Dai Atlas also came with the Micromaster partner Speeder.
Dai Atlas and Speeder were only released in Japan.
  • Big Powered (Triple-power combination set, 1990)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-353
Dai Atlas was also released in a Tri-Gestalt giftset with Sonic Bomber and Road Fire.


Super Figure Collection Act 8

  • Dai Atlas

Dai Atlas? That sounds like the name of a Welsh geography teacher.

A soft-plastic PVC of Dai Atlas was made in "Act 8" of Takara's Super Collection Figure line. It was available in both full-color and pewter-finish versions, one of each per case of twelve.

Sunrise Mega Action Series

  • Dai Atlas (2007)

I'm a Toei character but line up with Sunrise characters.

A Wonder Festival 2007 Summer exclusive, this is a highly posable figure from the Sunrise Mega Action Series of mecha action figures. With articulation and scaling on par with a Revoltech figure, this set included several alternate hands as well as the character's signature gun and shield accessories.


Baby got back.

  • Grandus' instructions show that Dai Atlas can use his motor gimmick in vehicle mode to tow Grandus.
  • Oddly enough, in the industry pitch reel included as a special feature (under 'ads') on the Madman Victory DVD set, all of Dai Atlas' action features are demonstrated using the Micromaster Freewheeler, and not Speeder. Sonic Bomber, on the other hand, is demonstrated using Sonic.
  • During the opening sequence for the Zone OAV there is a strange mini-montage of shots of Dai Atlas (all of the cartoon screencaps of his robot mode on this page are from that montage) including a random shot of him from behind.

Dai Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Randroid.

  • Universe's King Atlas was created as an homage to Dai Atlas. The character's lack of any form of bio meant that for years, there existed the possibility he was Dai Atlas (thanks to Universe's multi-dimensional story). Eventually though, King Atlas was established as his own separate character from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family in "Force of Habit".
  • The Dai Atlas toy was used as the "Goryu" mech for Brave Express Might Gaine villain Joe Rival. The character model was altered in various ways, including a black and red deco, straightened wings in robot mode and a creepier face, but the toy itself had no remolding. Strangely absent from the Goryu toy is Dai Atlas's shield handle. Dai Atlas' design was also used for the "Atlas Mk.II" unmanned drones from the same series, which were never made as toys.
  • In Dreamwave's Transformers: Generation 1 (ongoing) #10, Dai Atlas was seen as a statue representing an ancient Cybertronian, together with Deathsaurus. The Route of All Evil

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