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Previously, Starscream and co. had been sent on a mission Sector Zero-Six to distract them from possibly interfering with Megatron's plans. Grimlock was last seen going into Kaon after the Decepticons had obliterated the Forum of Enlightenment. The War Within issue 2

Starscream and his pals drop in on Grimlock, brooding in an abandoned coliseum where apparently, Grimlock regularly defeated Starscream. Starscream questions how Grimlock rejected Megatron's uprising—suspecting that some part of Grimlock still wants to be a Decepticon.

Starscream tells Grimlock where his squadron's target is, and invites Grimlock to Sector Zero-Six, suggesting that Grimlock give into his dark urges to conquer and destroy.

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  • In May, 2002, Dreamwave Productions distributed a sampler featuring four-page material from various comics published by Dreamwave at the time. Included were four pages from the first volume of The War Within, which were not published in the regular issues (despite their minor role in the story). The four pages eventually were later released as part of the "The War Within Preview" and by default, added to the rest of the series when the comics were collected in the trade paperback.
  • It's only four pages, but your Transformers comic collection won't be complete without it.

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  • A gigantic Dreamwave logo and some small scenes from various comics. Art by ???
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