DNAVI is a Predacon computer AI from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"I'm making a note here; 'Huge Success.'"

DNAVI (short for Devil NAVI) is the NAVI serving Magmatron's starship and a moody little bitchotron. She considers herself a "Predacon Princess" and refuses to teleport the Predacons properly to their destinations unless they call her by her Princess name of the day. And even when they do, she sometimes screws with them, anyway. (She has a bad habit of trying to leave Sling behind.) DNAVI also happens to be in love with Guiledart, though the attraction isn't exactly mutual.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Maki Miyamae (Japanese)

When the Predacons called for teleportation off Gaea, DNAVI attempted to leave Sling behind "accidentally", beaming him up only when he raised a fuss.

DNAVI then saw to the dressing-down of Magmatron's troops, castigating their failure to capture even a single Maximal. Big Convoy, Move Out

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