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This didn't happen.

Among the special events advertised in the lead-up to OTFCC 2004 was "Who Shot Optimus Prime?". It was meant to be a Transformers-themed live-action interactive murder mystery. Promotional materials of the event (see right) featured Nightbeat.

However, it turned out the event would be "DEATH BY CHOCOLATE," a "normal" live-action murder mystery, with generic human characters and no Transformers-related content at all.

Malin Huffman entered to greet and prepare guests, but he was suddenly distracted by gunshots and fled the room in terror. In rushed the well-known Detective Harry Bottoms, who announced that famed chocolate magnate O. Henry Butterfinger had been murdered, that the catering hall was now a crime scene, and that all attendees would be his deputies and help solve the case. Bottoms split attendees into teams, produced evidence, witnesses, and suspects, and gave the teams opportunities to come to their own conclusions and share them with the rest of the audience.

In the end, the murderer was found to be the notorious vixen-like sociopath Darque Chocolate. She vanished at the end of the event and her current whereabouts remain unknown, though likely the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Despite the night's shocking events, attendees tried to make the best of it and get on with normal life afterwards.