Colossus Rhodes is a human in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

Paul Teutul is pissed. Again.

Cyrus "Colossus" Rhodes is a bio-tech enhanced human who works for Prometheus Black. He seems to have issues over being rather small and frail. So he uses the enhancements to transform into a giant that's as big as Bulkhead.

That's pretty fragging big.

"That's a human?"
"Must be a new model..."
Bulkhead and Prowl commenting on Rhodes' strange appearance.


Transformers Animated cartoon

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Actor: Corey Burton (English)
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Cyrus Rhodes first appears as a combatant in a wrestling match staged by Prometheus Black to show off how effective biotechnology is. Though seemingly a tiny old man, pistons implanted in his back begin pumping super-steroids that quickly make him more than a match for Bumblebee. He tosses the plucky little 'bot out of the ring, and then proceeds to make a mess out of him and most of the surrounding parking lot. He is disoriented by the sounds of a nearby car alarm, giving Prowl a chance to disable the pistons that grant him his enhancements. Captain Fanzone is not impressed by Rhodes's crazed, berserker-like state and denies Black the coveted Detroit police contract.

Later as Black attacks the Sumdac corporation as the villainous Meltdown, Rhodes is left to mop up the opposition outside. Prowl again tries to disable the freak's steroid pistons, but Rhodes comments that the "boss" had reinforced them. Ultimately he becomes disoriented again when he accidentally tosses Optimus Prime against a church bell. Prowl correctly surmises that sonics are Rhodes' weakness, so Prime strikes the bell repeatedly and forces Rhodes back into "human" form. Total Meltdown


  • Colossus Rhodes's name is presumably a reference to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
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