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Cyclonus is a dark being wrapped in mystery. His origins are unknown, having appeared on New Kaon at a point beyond the Great War's end. While he has a cold and harsh personality, he is a nihilist, caring for nothing, believing that nothing matters at all, as he insists that the end is near...

Russian name (subtitles): Сайклонис (Caiklonis)


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Animated cartoon

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Cyclonus sabotages a team of Autobots guarding a space bridge along with his teammates. Cyclonus is seen slashing at Ironhide and Brawn with a pair of Energon swords. It seems he has a dark face. TransWarped He and Blackout were the only 2 Team Chaar Members not in Soundwave's alternate reality. Human Error, Part 1

Animated comics continuity

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  • Note that Cyclonus and Skywarp appear in the same show and once in the same episode! Unlike some characters with two identities.
  • He has a pair of purple energy-swords, not seen using, only wielding.
  • It is highly possible that Cyclonus is from the future. In G1 Cyclonus came into being in the future by Unicron who gives him his nearly limitless power source, and in the Allspark Almanac 2, he said to be waiting for something to happen to Megatron and he has begged for forgiveness from someone named "Galvatron", which is the name Unicron gives the rebuilt Megatron after his final confirmation with Optimus Prime in the G1 movie.


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