The name or term Cyclonus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cyclonus (disambiguation).

Cyclonus is a heroic Decepticon from the "Shattered Glass" continuity family.

When I get happy I go red?

"Cyclonus" is one of many brave Decepticons following Megatron in his battle against Optimus Prime and his cruel Autobot army.


Shattered Glass

Cyclonus acted as transport for the Constructicons when they retrieved Cliffjumper from the Rad Zone. He later partook in the strategic meeting to determine how to assault Prime's Ark to prevent its launch, but didn't say much. Cliffjumper's tale of Primus seemed to bring a smile to his face, though. Shattered Glass


  • Cyclonus's coloration appears to be based on another prominent character first introduced in The Transformers: The MovieRodimus Prime. His yellow wings even mimic Rodimus's own V-spoiler in robot mode.
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