The Cyborg Beasts are a subgroup of Predacons in the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Cyborg Beasts are, as their name implies, freakish fusions of animal and machine. They are the result of exposure of Combatrons to Angolmois energy, mostly initiated by Gigastorm in exchange for loyalty.

The Cyborg Beasts include:


Beast Wars II anime

Beast Wars II manga

Combatrons were kicked into a "hotspring" after they served the "wrong" drink to Gigastorm, who became furious.

After a while, they became extremely ugly were upgraded into the Cyborg Beasts and found a warning notification sign set by the Auto Rollers.

IDW Beast Wars comics

When coming into contact with Angolmois, Megastorm was transformed into the more powerful Gigastorm. He set out, creating a new subfaction within the Destrons. To fill up this subfaction, Gigastorm exposed BB, Dirge, Starscream, and Thrust to Angolmois, transforming them into Max-B, Dirgegun, Hellscream, and Thrustor.

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