Cybonic Plague is a virus that is transmitted through infected Energon. The virus, once it has entered its victim, will slowly infect the victim's energon supply and could cause a fatal shutdown if the victim is not cured in time.


Cybonic Plague was engineered in the Decepticons biological warfare program during the Great War. It's creation was ordered by Megatron himself. The virus killed millions of Autobots during the Great War. Energon infected with Cybonic plague takes on a purple coloration. The virus itself is contracted by coming into contact with infected energon.

After the distress beacon of a crashed autobot ship was detected, Optimus Prime and Ratchet went to investigate it. While in the ship, Optimus was infected by the virus. The Autobots then elected to enter the Nemesis to look for a cure, believing that if Megatron created the virus, he would want to have a cure for himself.

Though the ship's data banks did not have the cure, they found out that Megatron was still online, albeit in stasis. Bumblebee then used a Cortical Psychic Patch to enter Megatron's mind to find the cure. While inside, Bumblebee met Megatron's mental impression of himself and convinced him to give up the cure for Optimus so that Megatron could terminate Optimus himself when he woke up.[1]


Before time began, there was....the cube.


  • The plague is a possible reference to the Bubonic Plague. The Cybonic Plague also creates a purple color change on skin and has killed off millions of Cybertronians. The Bubonic Plague creates a pink hue color change on skin and bluish discoloration on the lymphnodes and killed off millions of Europeans in the 1300s.


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