"We... share a planet. There has to be a better way... to settle our differences... than destroying one other."
―Cyberwarp to Bumblebee in Freedom Fighters.

Cyberwarp is a Decepticon who works with Cyclonus in Combiner Force season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. When Cyclonus made himself to new leader of the New High Council with Cyberwarp, Riotgear, Skyjack and Treadshock, Cyclonus brainwashed all Autobots to blame Optimus Prime which Cybertron itself became unthinkable. She can combine with her commander and her fellow enforcers Skyjack, Treadshock, and Riotgear to form the powerful Galvatronus.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Season 3


In Enemy of My Enemy, as the Autobot High Council met to discuss the immenent success of their plans, Cyberwarp was the lone member to express concern, asking why the rest of the galaxy had to suffer for Cybertron's ascension, and worrying that Cyclonus was enjoying himself too much when it came to that suffering. However, with Cyclonus urging her to "play her part", she acquiesced to continue with the plan. When the Bee Team and Steeljaw arrived on Cybertron, they were greeted by a video broadcast of Cyberwarp proclaiming the High Council's propaganda on every video board around Kaon Plaza.

In Freedom Fighters, she continued to transmit her propaganda messages until she hesitated, forcing Cyclonus to step in and finish. When the Bee Team infiltrated the Council Building, they removed Cyberwarp's Light Bender device, revealing the true colors of both her and her cohorts. In the battle that ensued, she stood on the sidelines unsure of what to do; obey Cyclonus or do what she felt was best. Eventually, Cyclonus had enough and forced her to join him in combining into Galvatronus. At first, she was reluctantly compliant, but just when Ultra Bee was about to be done in, she stopped and prevented Galvatronus from using his right arm. After they separated, an exhausted Cyberwarp told Bumblebee that surely there was a way that Autobots and Decepticons could coexist peacefully.


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