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   Appears: Beast Era beginning in 1999

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Cybertropolis is a city in the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.
"Welcome to Cybertropolis, central city of Cybertron and home to ten million fellow Transformers."
―Cheetor to Blackarachnia[[Master of the House.| [src]]]

The capital of Cybertron under the control of the Maximals, the city of Cybertropolis was home to ten million Transformers before Megatron launched his transformation virus and was taken over by the Vehicons Master of the House

It was built upon the ruins of Iacon City, the former capital city and base of operations during the war for the Autobots, during the great upgrade from Autobot to maximal. Sparkwar Part 2: The Search

Known locations[]

  • Cybertropolis Maximal Data Archive
  • Maximal Defense Command Center
  • Maximal Power Station B4-Y
  • Predacon Transwarp Research Center D-F‎

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