Cybertronic Wolves are a Techno-Organic species from Age of Extinction portion of the live-action film series Continuity family.

Cybertronic Wolves are a species of Techno-Organic wildlife. They are used by Lockdown aboard his ship as hunting and guard dogs.


Age of Extinction film

When Tessa Yeager escapes on Lockdown's ship, he sends 3 of these wolves to hunt her down and terminate her. Luckily for her she squeezes into a room sectioned off by bars that are too small for the beasts to fit through.

When Cade Yeager attempts to save Tessa by leading her across the long anchor wires that were fired into a nearby building, the Wolves catch up with them and begin to fallow them across. Cade shoots one off of the wires, causing the others to retreat and begin to chew the wires off. Luckily for the humans Bumblebee shows up and eliminates the remaining creatures. bars that are too small for the Steeljaws to fit through.


  • The Decepticon Steeljaw transforms into one of these wolves.
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