Cybertronian sports are activities analogus to human sports that Transformers engage in for recreation in the Generation One continuity family.

Not much is known about Cybertronian sports, aside from the well documented practice of gladiatorial combat. It is known that there are numerous football teams, complete with leagues. Another major sporting event is the Iacon 5000.

Gladiatorial Combat

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Mecha-soccer, AKA football

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The Iacon 5000

The Iacon 5000 is a race involving 50 circuits of a 500-mile track. It used to be a traditional race, but the Decepticons decided that it would be more fun if some elements of a demolition derby were added. Known participants include Jazz and Drag Strip.


"Lobbing" is a sport involving two players that "Lob" objects at each other. How a winner is determined is unknown. Known players are Bulkhead and his friend Wheeljack.

A human counterpart to lobbing could be considered the human game of catch.


  • The Iacon 5000 is detailed in the letter page of Marvel UK #326.
  • A game of Lobbing was seen in the Transformers:Prime episode, Con Job.

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