Despite being robotic constructs, Transformers seem to have certain substances that are analogous to food.

How the Transformers eat the food is up to debate, because some of them don't have mouths.

These food articles include, but are not limited to, the following:


The Predacon, Rampage claims to enjoy consuming ants prepared in a blend of grated gears and mech fluid.
  • Lead sulfide crystals
Chemical formula: PbS
Lead sulfide crystals

Lead sulfide crystals are a Femaxian's best friend

Lead sulfide, also known as galena, occurs naturally on planet Earth. It is an important ore of lead, and forms dull, grayish, cubical crystals of varying size. It is also a natural semiconductor, and as such was vital in the early days of radio, when a single galena crystal was used as a 'detector' for radio waves.
Lead sulfide crystals are also a Cybertronian food product, and are apparently delicious when combined with savory mercury sauce and flavorful iron filings as garnish for a tasty robot. They are, of course, poisonous and quite inedible for humans. It should be noted that crystals found on Femax emit a greenish glow in the visible spectrum; this may indicate that they are formed from an unknown radioactive lead isotope.
Lead sulfide additive appears to act as an anti-allergy remedy for some Transformers. Lightspeed must take some with his fuel or break out with a rust rash and other troubling symptoms.
The effect of common gray galena on robot tastebuds is not known. Recipe for Disaster!


  • Cesium salami and beryllium baloney (maybe)
Cesium salami and beryllium baloney are referenced by the Dinobots Grimlock and Slag while they are wandering the surface of Quintessa trying to locate their comrades. It is unclear whether they are actual Cybertronian foods or merely a figure of speech. The Transformers: The Movie


  • Oil cake
Oil cake is apparently a simply made Cybertronian dessert. One assumes it goes down smooth. Roll For It


It could be soda or beer, only Ironhide and Prowl know for sure. War and Peace
Drinking too much of it will cause a Transformer get drunk "overcharged". Microbots
  • Botropolis Special
A drink served at The Blue Deployer.
  • Polonium Spritzer
Another drink served at The Blue Deployer.
  • Afternoon Tea
Shockwave enjoys a cup of afternoon tea after conducting evil morally ambiguous experiments. Optimus Prime thinks it's evil. Bee in the City
  • Oil
Main article: Oil


Note: Unprocessed coal is not appropriate food, as it did not prevent Megatron from locking up due to a lack of energy. I, Robot Master!


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