Being social, celebratory beings, Cybertronians often engage in dancing for the purposes of social events, recreation, or just because they are slaves to the music.

Unfortunately, having bulky bodies can occasionally limit ones movements, but the Transformers manage to get along.


Generation One cartoon

Jazz and Blaster were quite fond of dancing and song. When Blaster once broadcast music over Teletraan I at a concert, Jazz began to get down with his funky self. The other Autobots were nearly overcome with pain. Blaster Blues

Additionally, Blaster and Tracks joined some human females in dancing at Dancitron. Auto-Bop

When the Autobots made peace with the Junkions with the universal greeting, both factions broke out in spontaneous dancing to celebrate. The festivities were ended when a Junkion kissed Grimlock, who immediately redeclared his status as "king". The Transformers: The Movie


During a party, Arcee consented to slow-dance with Chromedome. It was certainly less disturbing than the groan he gave when he saw Arcee transform into vehicle mode.

Animated continuity

Random Blitzwing is quite fond of dancing, considering himself quite light on his stabilizing servos. He also says that with a few lessons, Lugnut would be just as skilled as he is. Cha cha cha! Lost and Found

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