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Transformers sometimes use axes for melee weapons.

Historically, humans have used axes since they were in a primitive (OK, more primitive) state. The general operating principle is heavy weight plus sharp blade plus swing momentum equals OUCH. How an energy-based version of this works is another matter, although large axes always have an appeal.

Generation One Optimus Prime sometimes wields an Energon-axe, whilst Broadside used a vibro axe. Gigantion's Metroplex had one named 'Sparkdrinker'. Think of what a spark is when you figure what the axe is meant to do.

, Dinobot made a makeshift stone axe to defeat Megatron in the formers dying moments. Afterwards, a primitive human who used it as a useful tool for smashing coconuts and killing snakes. (Thus human's owe one of their greatest achievements to Transformers without either party realising.)

Animated Optimus Prime has one of these too. This makes some sense, since an axe can be useful in chopping things that aren't robots.

In the War for Cybertron game, not only Optimus Prime, but Soundwave and other characters also have axes. Later, an axe became the favourite weapon of a hyper, 15-year-old girl on two occasions.


Generation One

Transformers Collection
  • Convoy
    • Japanese ID number: 00
20th Anniversary / Masterpiece
  • Optimus Prime (2003 / 2004)
  • Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary DVD Edition, 2006)
  • Convoy Complete Edition (2006)
Robot Masters
  • G1 Convoy (2004)
  • G1 Convoy with DVD (2004)
  • G1 Convoy Limited Black Version (2005)
Heroes of Cybertron
  • Optimus Prime with Plasma Weapon

Transformers Animated

  • Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accesseries: Double bladed blue axe.
TFAnimated Deluxe CybertronPrime toy

"I get the only axe which doesn't look like it's not made of metal.

  • Optimus Prime vs. Megatron: The Battle Begins (Deluxe class figure multi-pack, 2008)
    • Accesseries: Single bladed axe
TFAnimated Deluxe BattleBegins Prime toy

And he "axed" him for help.

  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2008)
    • Accesseries: double bladed axe and water squirter.
This model has the axe that changes into the trailer for the cab mode. The look for the humanoid mode would match the cartoon version with the rocket-powered axe.
TFAnimated Voyager EarthOptimusPrime toy

The winner for least show accurate weapon is...

  • Roll-Out Command Optimus Prime (Supreme, 2008)
    • Accesseries: Pop out rocket powered axe.
  • Bumper Battlers Optimus Prime (Bumper Battlers, 2008)

The bumper battlers version of Optimus Prime is the one with an axe which doesn't come out of or into his hand and only stays inside of it.

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