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The name or term Cybertronian refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cybertronian (disambiguation).

This article is about the empire built up by the Second Generation Decepticons. For the term in Generation One cartoon, see Decepticon Empire.

The Cybertronians are a faction in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family. They're sometimes referred to as Second Generation Decepticons or some variation thereon.


The emblem of the Cybertronian Empire. They're not Decepticons, honest.

The Cybertronians were a result of Decepticon rediscovery of Bio-Morphic Reproduction ("budding") ~4 million years ago on Cybertron. The Decepticons were able to rapidly expand their population using this method.

These new Decepticons left Cybertron in the hands of petty warlords unfit for the future empire and took to the stars to conquer other worlds.

In the modern era, the Cybertronian Empire has adopted an aggressively expansionist stance. They claim to have advanced their society beyond the need for war, but hold little regard for non-Cybertronian lifeforms. Under the cause of improving the quality of life for their citizens, they have conquered many worlds, enslaving or exterminating the native population and cyberforming the planets to create "little Cybertrons."

This was apparently under the direction of the Decepticon progenitor known as the Liege Maximo, who rules them from the planet-spanning structure known as the Hub, which harnesses the networked power of the cyberformed planets. The construction of this network was later revealed to be part of a gambit by the Liege Maximo to ascend to the plane of the Dark Gods.


The new Transformers created by budding felt little or no emotional attachment to Cybertron. Primus' plan had shut down reproduction via budding at the intended point and the more these new Decepticons reproduced after that the more thinly his life force was stretched between them, the more they "watered down the line" to use Megatron's phrasing, leading them to be "born" less and less emotional and more and more robotic in nature.

They have a tendency towards a uniform color scheme of light green and silver. Many of the smaller troops must combine in pairs to form one alternate mode (this may possibly be a symptom of their degenerating "genetic" line).

Decepticon or Cybertronian?[]

Many citizens of the Cybertronian Empire have long since forgotten the terms "Autobot" and "Decepticon" in the millennia since leaving their birthworld. However their forebears are remembered bitterly by individuals such as Liege Centuro Jhiaxus. By his reckoning the Empire are the "true" Decepticons, having achieved the inborn Decepticon imperative of galactic conquest. He judges the Decepticons and Autobots they left behind as "evolutionary throwbacks." However, given Jhiaxus' former barbarism, he might be projecting his own issues onto his forebears.

IDW comics continuity[]

A parallel to the birth of the Cybertronian Empire is present within the IDW comics. In this continuity, Nova Prime convinced the populace to charter the Ark spacecraft under a mission of exploration. However, Prime was secretly a Cybertronian supremacist, and with his chief strategist Jhiaxus, his intention was to make the mission one of conquest and colonization much like the Generation 2 Cybertronians. However, this glorious manifest destiny was cut short after the Ark disappeared into the Benzuli Expanse and emerged in the Dead Universe. Spotlight: Galvatron


  • The Cybertronian faction-symbol was also adopted by Bludgeon's Decepticon forces during their period of exile from Cybertron while operating outside of the Milky Way. It's possible the symbol has a common cultural meaning that would cause two disconnected groups of Decepticons expatriates to gravitate towards it. (However, in a real world sense, it's likely that the Generation 2 faction symbols were mandated by Hasbro as no current toys used the original Decepticon symbol.)