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Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1 is the ninth episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on September 4, 1987 on Nippon TV.



When Vector Sigma develops a powerful new alloy, the Decepticons initiate an all-out strike against Cybertron to claim it for their own.


On a spying mission on Cybertron, Soundblaster and his cassettes discover that Vector Sigma is in the process of developing a powerful new alloy named Cybertonuron, which Galvatron plans to use to make himself invincible. Despite cautions from Scorponok, who is actually more concerned over the level of power that Galvatron will achieve with the alloy more than anything else, Galvatron dispatches the Predacons to Cybertron as an advance squad, while he and the Decepticon Headmasters travel to Earth to gather up their forces there. As the Predacons begin their attack on Cybertron, Sixshot informs Scorponok that Galvatron plans to exile him, as he will no longer require him if he can acquire the Cybertonuron, galvanizing the shadowy villain into action.

Galvatron's arrival on Earth is observed by Twincast and his cassettes, cluing the Autobots on Athenia in to the Decepticons' activities. The Autobot Headmasters head for the Decepticons' Earth base for a preemptive strike, but are too late - the entire Decepticon army has already used the space bridge to invade Cybertron! Although Fortress recommends holding off on a counterattack, suspecting a trap, Rodimus Prime's concern for Cybertron sees the Autobot army head for the planet to fight back. A colossal battle ensues - combiner versus combiner, Headmaster versus Headmaster, and leader versus leader as Rodimus Prime and Galvatron face off, and Rodimus is defeated.

When Soundblaster then reports that Vector Sigma has completed the formula for Cybertonuron, and is poised to begin production of the alloy, Scorponok realises that it is time to act. Recalling Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher and Mindwipe, he equips the Headmasters with three bombs, which they will plant in Vector Sigma's chamber at the heart of the planet. When they explode, the entire planet will be destroyed, taking the Autobots and Cybertonuron with it...!


In the episode[]


Regional Differences[]


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Autobots Decepticons


Animation and/or technical glitches[]

  • When the cassettes are shown sneaking into Vector Sigma's chamber at the start of the episode, Soundblaster is with them, shimmying up a tower. It is apparent that he has been animated in place of Rumble, who pops his head through the floor of the chamber in the next shot, especially since the cassettes are all then shown returning to Soundblaser, who is waiting outside.
  • When Rewind transforms and enters Twincast, he's colored blue, red and yellow, looking like Twincast himself.
  • Headstrong's insignia - when he shoots at the generic guards- is an odd fusion of both factions' insignias. Maybe he read his debut issue at Marvel, and got the concept of symbol-switching confused?
  • As the Aerialbots charge into battle, they are led by... Superion.
  • When the combiners merge, their torsos hop into the air and just hover there while their arms connect, with their legs linking up last. One might argue that the Decepticons and Aerialbots can get away with this (as they can fly), but the Protectobots don't got no excuse.
  • Weirdwolf is colored like Skullcruncher when he and Mindwipe are ganging up on Chromedome.

Transformers references[]

  • Cybertonuron is noted as being many times stronger than Cybertonium, the element introduced in "Desertion of the Dinobots". This is stated, however, with the implication that Cybertonium is unusually strong itself - something that is in no way indicated in its debut episode.

Miscellaneous trivia[]

  • Tracks makes a rare (and very brief) appearance just before the Headmasters mix it up on Cybertron.
  • This episode originally aired in a double-bill with "Terror! The Six Shadows" on September 4.
  • Exactly why Sixshot told Scorponok that Galvatron planned to banish him after getting the cybertonuron is a mystery. Despite getting useful info, Scorponok wasn't very grateful to Sixshot in later episodes.
  • Despite being armed and seasoned warriors, Kup, Blurr and Arcee do nothing as Galvatron slaps Rodimus Prime around like a red headed step child. And then they do nothing when Galvatron and Soundblaster go for a gossip. Not to metion they do nothing to help their fallen commander get up.


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