Cybertron InfoCore is a computer from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Computer games on Cybertron are still stuck in the wireframe era.

The Cybertron InfoCore is a large computer system that holds numerous datatrax about various Cybertronian subjects. In Cybertropolis, there are two InfoCore terminals by the sides of the roads.

Portuguese name: Centro de Informações de Cybertron


Beast Machines cartoon

Cheetor and Blackarachnia (with some goading on Blackarachnia's part) decide to go topside. As soon as they clamber up from the caves, they discover that they are in Cybertropolis, the new capital of Cybertron after Iacon's destruction. But there is a problem; Cybertropolis should be home to "ten million Transformers", but the duo find it deserted, and Cybertron InfoCore has been deleted by Megatron.

Before the pair can investigate further, they are attacked by Aero Drones, and plunge off the side of a building before they can slide to safety. As he runs, Cheetor attempts to transform, but he hasn't found his spiritual center yet and remains in cat mode. Blackarachnia traps two of the jets with her webs, but more arrive. Fortunately, Optimus arrives. He quickly transforms into robot mode and takes to the air, but is soon overwhelmed. Master of the House

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