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The Cybertron Elite Guard were the main defense force of Cybertron and the elite combat unit of the Autobots. It is the mightiest pinnacle of the Autobot military forces during the Great War.


Transformers: Exodus

The Elite Guard were the thirty-six bodyguards of the High Council. Sentinel was a member before he became a High Councilor and Prime. When Megatron assassinated Halogen in the High Council Chamber, Optimus Prime ordered them to stand down and spare him in an effort to maintain peace.

Transformers: Prime

New Recruit

Optimus Prime mentioned its name when he saw Smokescreen's insignia symbol on the latter's right arm, which the latter replied that he received combat training in the Elite Guard boot camp back in Cybertron in the final days of the war.


Ultra Magnus was revealed to be in the Elite Guard and attempted to enforce his commanding style on Team Prime with little to no results. He confided in Optimus regarding this, and Optimus gently reminded him that Team Prime "[was] not the Elite Guard."

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

The Champ

After Groundpounder was accused of cheating, the Elite Guard were called in to help subdue and arrest the enraged gladiator.

Known Members


  • The Cybertron Elite Guard was originally created for the show Transformers: Animated. It has since appeared on numerous Transformers-related media.
  • The sequel reveals the Guard was reestablished as a police/SWAT unit to deal with criminals.


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