The Cybertron Defense Team is an Autobot sub-group in Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Cybertron Defence

WRECK AND-oh, sorry.

The Cybertron Defense Team is an elite heavily armed combat unit within the Autobot army. Answering directly to Optimus Prime, they are dispatched to take care of the toughest assignments that other, lesser equipped Autobots can't handle. Armed with courage, determination, and some of the most powerful weapons ever bolted onto a Transformer, the Cybertron Defense Team is a force to be reckoned with.

The group's members are:

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Japanese name: Vanguard Team


Cybertron cartoon

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When Megatron returned to Earth seeking vengeance for Starscream's treacherous duplicity, Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattorshot were tasked with keeping the powerful Decepticon leader busy while Optimus Prime assisted the other Autobots. Enraged by the humiliation of defeat at the hands of lesser beings, Megatron summoned the power of the Omega Lock to grant him a new weapon, the Death Machine Gun, which he used to swiftly mow down the three Autobots. Revelations

Severely damaged, the trio were transported by Colonel Franklin to a nearby US Air Force facility where technicians attempted to repair them. However, the damage was too severe, beyond repair, to the point of Red Alert giving up hope on himself and his friends. Encouraged by the children, the three Autobots recounted their memories since meeting their kids, their desire for revenge against Megatron, and their hopes of saving their home planet. Their words reached the ears of Primus, who bathed them in holy light, healing their wounds and allowing them to reformat into new, more powerful bodies, as the Cybertron Defense Team!

The new Autobot unit rushed back to the battlefield and soundly defeated the surprised Megatron and Scourge with their incredible firepower, then covered the other Autobots as Optimus Prime led them to Starscream's island. Critical



  • Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (Deluxe Class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-19
    • Accessories: Knife, Cybertron Autobot Cyber Key, Scrapmetal standee (Takara release only)

Now you know why his shoulders hurt.

Cybertron Defense Hot Shot transforms into an M1117 "Guardian" Armored Security Vehicle in the same blue, navy, and red color scheme as Cybertron Hot Shot. A Cybertron Cyber Key is included and when the key is inserted into the back of the turret, the two gun barrels open up into dual (non-firing) missile launchers. Compartments on his shoulders and his thighs can also open up to reveal additional missile launchers. Cybertron Defense Hot Shot also comes with a dagger that stows between his legs in vehicle mode, and when in robot mode, the dagger can be hand-held, peg into the front of his fist, or be put away in a sheath on his leg.
"Exigeyser", Cybertron Defense Hot Shot's Japanese counterpart, is completely identical, but also came with a cardboard stand-up depicting three Scrapmetal. The American version of Cybertron Defense Hot Shot was at some point intended to have a slightly altered deco, which is shown on the back of the packaging, but this altered deco for some reason never superseded the Japanese deco for American release.
This mold was also used to make the BotCon 2007-exclusive Timelines Springer and Universe Roadbuster.
  • Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (Voyager Class, 2005/2006)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-20
    • Accessories: 2 missiles, rifle, Cybertron planet type Cyber Planet Key
CD Scattorshot toy

You can never have too many weapons!

Cybertron Defense Scattorshot transforms into a Multiple-Launch Rocket System of made-up model mounted on a Merkava 2 tank hull. The halves of the (non-firing) launcher end up on his arms in robot mode. In either mode, inserting a Cyber Planet Key in each half reveals a new weapon: one side has a pull-out double spring-loaded missile launcher, while the other has a flip-out non-firing blaster barrel. He also comes with an extra long blue hand-held rifle that can be mounted in tank mode thanks to his Mini-Con-compatible Powerlinx plugs.
The Takara release has slightly different paint applications for his chest, and his Cybertron Defense/Vanguard Team symbol tampograph is smaller.
He comes with a Cybertron-style Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "v4kt" on the back.
This mold was also used to make Universe Dropshot and Universe Overload.
  • Cybertron Defense Red Alert (Ultra Class, 2005/2006)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-21
    • Accessories: Missile, hammer, claw, Cybertron planet type Cyber Planet Key
Cybertron Defence Red Alert


An upgraded, all-new tooling of Red Alert. He now transforms into a BTR-90 armored personnel carrier mounted with a top-mounted missile similar to a SCUD launcher. The left side of his vehicle mode has a flip-up non-firing double-blaster, which can also be "used" in robot mode. Inserting a Cyber Key into the rear of the missile pops it in half, activates the electronic sound and lights, and exposes the inner spring-loaded missile launcher "laser cannon". In robot mode, Red Alert finally has two normal robotic hands, but he comes with a shield that, when a Key is inserted, flips out a multi-tool arm that can be equipped with several tools stored in his shins (a spring-loaded hammer-head or a gripping claw), emulating his old tool-arm. This shield can be mounted on either arm. He comes with a Cybertron-Autobot Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "up0t" tampographed on the back.
This mold was also used to make the BotCon 2006-exclusive "Dawn of Future's Past" Megatron. It is also similar in design to the Machine Wars version of Soundwave.
  • Red Alert (Legends of Cybertron, 2006)
LOC CD Red Alert


A much-simplified version of the Cybertron Defense Red Alert toy in terms of detail and articulation, this toy was made available in the third wave of the Legends of Cybertron series. The missile is permanently in its split-open state.
This mold was later used to make Classics Perceptor and Universe Onslaught.


  • Apparently, it took Hasbro a long time to decide upon a Western name for the Vanguard Team. Early online retailer listings and bios posted on featured the toys' names as "Hot Shot SWAT" and "Red Alert SWAT", and early batches of the Cybertron Defense Red Alert toy available at retail and from online stores were lacking the "Cybertron Defense" portion of the name on the packaging. However, the more widespread version with the full name was found within mere days of the original version's initial retail sighting, and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot and Cybertron Defense Scattorshot were availabe without any name variants.
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