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The name or term Cybertron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cybertron (disambiguation).

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Cybertron is the third and final Transformers franchise in the Unicron Trilogy.

The Cybertron franchise featured the following primary components:

A comic book series was initially planned for Cybertron, but its intended publisher, Dreamwave, went out of business before the line began. IDW originally discussed doing a Cybertron series, starting it off with a G1 crossover, but this was dropped (the pitch is included in the Best of Simon Furman trade) [1].The Transformers Collectors' Club newsletter includes a short comic story in each issue which is branded with the Cybertron name. This comic, while featuring UT characters, also stars various characters from other timelines, and is loosely tied to 3H's Universe series.

Galaxy Force[]

Galaxy Force, the Japanese version of Cybertron, is somewhat different than its English counterpart.


Before the cartoon series

The general plot and storylines remained very similar (with the exception of the usual differences in character names). The main difference between Cybertron and Galaxy Force is that initially the Galaxy Force cartoon had no story ties to any of the previous Transformers series. It was treated as a new stand-alone continuity featuring entirely new characters, whereas Cybertron is scripted as part of the Unicron Trilogy with many of its characters representing new forms of important characters from that continuity family.

This division leads not only to character differences but also to different takes on some key events. The Unicron Singularity (or Grand Black Hole in Japan) was not created by the destruction of Unicron in the Galaxy Force telling, but occurred due to the loss of an evil cosmic balance in their ancient past.

However, liner notes in the last Galaxy Force DVD release do make links to previous series that mirror those from American material. These notes would seem to retcon Galaxy Force back into the Unicron Trilogy.

An official Takara timeline lists key events that tie Galaxy Force directly into the Micron universe, even attributing the black hole to Unicron's demise. Retconning is fun.

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