The Cybertron-Unicron warp gate is a gateway in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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You do not want to go in there, seriously.

The Unicron-Cybertron warp gate is concealed warp gate linking the lower levels of Cybertron to the nethermost regions of Unicron. It is used by Unicron's minions to pass covertly from Cybertron to Unicron without giving away the Devourer of Worlds' super-secret hidden location. (Psst! He's disguised as one of Cybertron's moons!)

The gate is situated in the middle of a corridor in a seldom-traveled section of Cybertron which was long ago converted into a "fused organic" state. The gate is invisible until you make physical contact with it, and unless you knew it was there, it would be all too easy to stumble through it and find yourself stranded in the bowels of Unicron, surrounded by deadly bot-spiders.

It is strongly implied that the gate is unidirectional (Cybertron-to-Unicron,)[1][2], though circumstantial evidence favors Unicron's minions being able to reverse its function to return to Cybertron.

The fused-organic section of Cybertron where the gate is located is notably atypical, and its transformation is likely a result of slow "leakage" through the gate over a long period of time. Though the gate's exact age is unclear, at least one lifeform (the bot-spiders) seems to have migrated through it over the years. The warp gate may date from the original transportation of the Mini-Cons to Cybertron 4 million years ago.[3]


While pursuing Thrust, Starscream and several others passed through the Cybertron-Unicron warp gate and had to fight their way up to Unicron's surface to escape. Portent

The Autobots subsequently blocked the warp gate with a large rock, either to prevent its use or merely to prevent people from accidentally wandering through it. When High Wire and the Street Action Mini-Con Team realized their presence was needed to aid Optimus Prime and Galvatron (who had traveled to Unicron by more conventional means), the Autobot Red Alert unblocked the entrance, allowing them and the humans Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Billy and Fred to travel to Unicron's interior. Unity

The Warp gate presumably ceased to function after Unicron's defeat in "Mortal Combat", and it was never brought up in the subsequent Energon series, much of which revolved around the Autobots inability to discover Unicron's location.


  1. Despite the dangers Starscream and company encounter through the gate in "Portent", none of them attempts to pass back through it, instead fighting their way up through many layers of Unicron's defenses.
  2. Before stepping through the gate in "Unity", Rad comments that this is a one-way trip.
  3. The Mini-Con birthing chamber was the same location (apparently inside Unicron, not Cybertron) where the Autobots were cocooned in the alternate timeline of the unawakened Mini-Cons in "Drift."
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