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Cybertron - Great War

Cybertron during the Great War.

Cybertron is a planet, the home planetary air station of the Cybertronians and a form of their guardian, which is Primus. It is a shining metal, technological world; a planet of towering future cities without end and vast metallic plains, spiraling metal mountains and bottomless neon-lit chasms. Battling over control of Cybertron and its resources is the origin of the Great War. The planet resides in the Alpha Centaurai star system.


The Birth of Cybertron[]

In the beginning of time, there were two deities named "Unicron" and "Primus" both created by the One separating in two. Cybertron already existed prior to their creation and became the battle ground for their war. When the Thirteen defeated Unicron, Primus merged with Cybertron's core and shed his physical body in the process. This act linked the life of Primus and the planet. If one died so would the other.

After Primus had merged with the Core, he used the AllSpark to populate the planet creating a large enough population in three days' time. The newborn Cybertronians clashed with one another before the Great Cataclysm occurred destroying much of their primitive civilization.

Quintesson Invasion[]

After the Cataclysm, Cybertron was visited by alien beings known as the Quintessons, the rogue creations of Quintus Prime. The Quintessons' advanced technology won the awe of the Cybertronians along with the knowledge of the Cybertronian T-Cog. The Quintessons influence spread across the planet, turning its people from feuding tribal warbands into an advanced space faring civilization overnight. As the Quintessons increased their power base however, they also began imposing harsher laws on Cybertron, such as kangaroo courts and lying that they were the creators of the Cybertronians. Eventually a rebellion formed and the Quintessons were forced off Cybertron, leaving behind many spaceships and the blueprints for Space Bridge technology.

The Golden Age[]

Following the Quintesson occupation was a long period of peace that lasted for over 800,000 Earth years. During this time, Cybertron established itself as a galactic superpower; colonizing many distant worlds across the galaxy and experiencing an era of incredible technological progress. The colonization program came to an end, however, when one ship encountered the mysterious Rust Plague which destroyed everything made of metal. To save their planets and Cybertron itself, Sentinel Prime ordered that all Space Bridges be destroyed so as to prevent the plagues' spread. This plan worked, but came at the cost of cutting off the other colonies from the rest of the galaxy.

In the waning days of this era, Orion Pax and Megatronus were created, two Cybertronians who would forever change Cybertron's fate. Orion was only a clerk in the Iacon Hall of Records, while Megatronus was a gladiator that fought the toughest of competitors and creatures in the fighting pits of Kaon. Megatronus promoted change in society which gathered a large grouping of Cybertronians to him, including Orion Pax.

One day Megatronus, now calling himself Megatron, demanded that the Autobot High Council make him the next Prime, but he was refused due to his violent tendencies. Orion gave his own speech which promoted a fair world without violence. The council was amazed by Orion's words and renamed him "Optimus Prime". The outraged Megatron severed all ties with Orion and created an army, with the assistance of Soundwave, called the Decepticons. Optimus rallied Cybertron's remaining military forces into the Autobots, who fought to bring peace back to Cybertron, thus beginning the Great War.

The Great War[]

The conflict born in the council chambers that day lasted for four million Earth years and brought the Cybertronian race near to extinction. Many terrible weapons were unleashed during the War, such as the Cybonic plague, and Megatron utilizing Tox-En as a weapon of mass destruction. Notable events that happened were Megatron crushing Bumblebee's voice box and Airachnid interrogating Arcee, which ended in the death of Tailgate.

The Great Exodus[]

Dark Energon eventually entered the battlefield with Cybertron becoming uninhabitable as a result, forcing its populace to evacuate and seek shelter in the stars while their home world healed itself. During this time, Optimus Prime was gifted with the Matrix of Leadership by Primus and sent the AllSpark off to a distant sector to protect it from Megatron. 


Deadlock Cybertron restoration

The Decepticons rebuilt the Omega Lock on the Nemesis. Before they could use it, the ship fell under Autobot command and the limited cyber matter was used to restore Cybertron's core which restored it to a habitable status. However, Cybertron was incapable of creating new life without the Allspark. With the defeat of Unicron and Optimus Prime's sacrifice, the Allspark was restored to the planet's core. The Autobots gazed as the Sparks flew from the Well. 

Restoration Aftermath[]

Around three to five years after the Omega Lock rebooted the planet, Cybertron was again populated and thriving. A new government rose up, one which blamed both Autobots and Decepticons for the damage done to the planet. The Decepticons were shipped off world with the Autobots being demoted to low positions in society. Despite this, detailed records of the War were kept and statues were built of the major figures. Ratchet was very vocal about his displeasure of the new Council and was given a job hunting down war criminals to silence him.

The High Council placed a bounty on Bumblebee for illegal usage of a Space Bridge to travel to Earth before they sent Jazz to investigate the crash of the Alchemor. When Jazz returned with the news that Bumblebee was on Earth, the Council sent Fracture and Drift to collect him.

Cybertron unknowingly had the AllSpark stolen from it again by Megatronus who intended to merge it with the Anti-Spark to get revenge on Unicron. The efforts of a resurrected Optimus Prime caused the AllSpark to return to Cybertron.

Once the Alchemor had been repaired with its prisoners recaptured, Optimus Prime set a course for Cybertron to confront the new Council. During the flight, he made contact with several old friends before returning to Earth in a smaller ship to assist Bumblebee.


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  • Dialogue in Predacons Rising makes it obvious that Cybertron is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, however its exact location is unknown. In most other fictions Cybertron is located either in the Alpha Centauri system or the Shaula one.
  • According to Alpha Trion, Cybertron is the fifth planet in its system.
  • Despite being fully restored, the planet appears less in Robots in Disguise than it does in Prime.


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