Cybershark is a skilled tracker and expert in undersea combat. More, he's reknowned throughout the galaxy as a swashbuckling hero. Brave, adventurous, kind, and good-humored, he has fought for freedom across a hundred alien seas and left behind stories and legends wherever he passed. Though not particularly bright in a general sense he can be quite calculating when it comes to tracking down his prey, and is a fearless fighter in the cause of good. He honed his skills as a Bounty Hunter spending centuries tracking down a rogue group of Cybertronian Space Pirates. Though dedicated to the Maximals, and quite adept at rallying others to join the fight for a good cause, Cybershark is more of a lone adventurer than a team player. Ironically this often puts him at odds with his commander, the likewise independent Depth Charge.

(Note: Hammerstrike's toy bio makes it pretty clear he's a new version of Cybershark. How Cybershark reached Cybertron in time for the Beast Machines story is unknown, but one must assume he was very lucky to find an open waterway there before Megatron's virus transformed him back to a hammerhead and trapped him on land in shark mode.)

Spanish name: Ciberón
French-Canadian name: Cybersquale
Italian name: Squalo Tigre


3H Tales of the Beast Wars comicsEdit


We're gonna need a bigger apocalypse...

During the final battle with Shokaract, several realities converged into a single, apocalyptic timestorm. Beast Warriors from alternate realities emerged, including Cybershark, B'Boom, Drill Bit, Transquito, Air Hammer, Polar Claw and unidentified others, though all of them were summarily defeated.

IDW Beast Wars ComicsEdit

Cybershark was one of the protoforms left behind by the crew of the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code. Coming online in the middle of the ocean, he was one of the first Maximals to hear Razorbeast's signal.

Accompanied by Claw Jaw, Cybershark sped towards Razorbeast and the small group of new Maximals accompanying him. He and a phalanx of other Maximals finally reached them, just in time to fight off an army of Predacons. In the subsequent battle, Cybershark tangled with Razorclaw. Beast Wars: The Gathering

A Deca-cycle after the marooned Maximals sent their distress call help still hadn't shown up. Cybershark was one of those on hand when their makeshift base was attacked by the entire Predacon militia. He was on the front line of the defense and was the first to notice that it was, indeed, an all-out assault. He later rallied the Maximals and Predacons to stop the threat of the Blendtrons. Beast Wars: The Ascending

At some point yet unchronicled he will be badly damaged in battle and in an emergency procedure have his spark transferred to a blank protoform. This blank had been exposed to the Transmetal driver and so he emerges as a Transmetal 2 great white shark and now finds himself gifted with more powerful weapons and the limited ability to fly at low altitude. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1


Beast WarsEdit

  • Cybershark (Deluxe, 1996)
Japanese ID number: C-11
Acessories: Head,tail,2 missiles
Cybershark transforms into a silver-blue and green hammerhead shark, and incorporates two spring-loaded gimmicks; the 'hammer' portion of the shark head fires like a missile, and the tail includes a spring-loaded switchblade weapon.
This mold was retooled to make Hellscream and Overbite, and retooled separately to make Sharp Edge.
  • Cybershark (Transmetal 2 Mega, 1999)
Acessories: 2 fins,2 missiles,a Launcher
Cybershark transforms into a silver, chrome blue, and sea-green great white shark. Two panels flip out to reveal a 'flight mode', and his tail has a gear-system that spins the fins like a propeller when a wheel in his side is turned (this system becomes his right arm, forming a spinning claw weapon). He also has a double spring-loaded missile launcher concealed in his shark mouth that doubles as a hand weapon.
This mold was redecoed into Sky-Byte.

Beast MachinesEdit

  • Hammerstrike (Basic, 2001)
Hammerstrike transforms into a beige, blue, and orange technorganic hammerhead with a very odd, alien, spindly looking robot mode. The head of the shark becomes a weapon that slams forward when triggered by the spark crystal.


  • While Cybershark/Hammerstrike himself does not appear in 3H's Universe comics, Sharkticons based on Hammerstrike's design appear alongside the traditional Quintesson Sharkticon designs from Generation One on New Quintessa. However, these drones were miscolored as Hammerstrike in the initial printing; the "director's cut" reprint of the relevant issue fixes this, giving them a black and purple color scheme.

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