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The Cyberjets are small jets from the Generation 2 section of the Generation One continuity family.

Fictionally, what makes a transformer a Cyberjet as opposed to just another random TF with a jet mode is unclear, as they have received very little fictional attention.

The distinguishing features of the Cyberjet toys, however -- small size, high poseability, intricate transformations, and pressure-launch missiles -- don't really translate well to fiction anyway. The molds were developed for the Generation 2 toyline, and have subsequently been redecoed in other lines since. They were among the earliest fully-poseable transformers, prefiguring the Beast Wars line to come. They also feature lightpiping in their heads. While this feature is used on larger toys to give them "light-up" eyes, due to their small size, the Cyberjets seem to have illuminated faces which lack the usual facial features. The Cyberjets were also the first Transformers appearance for the "pressure-launch" style missile launchers.

There are three different Cyberjet molds. Each mold was released twice, one as a Decepticon and again as an Autobot, during Generation 2. Both the Robot Masters and Universe lines had one unique new deco for each mold, and Timelines Ricochet was a fifth new color scheme for the Hooligan mold. See "Footnote" also.

In addition, the Cyberjet transformation scheme has proven to be very popular among Hasbro/Takara designers, and aside from outright repaints the exact or near same transformation design has been used in numerous toys over most of the succeeding generations.

Everybody gets one.

Autobot Cyberjets

Generation 2

Note: The Hasbro bios for the Autobot Cyberjets indicate that they are the G1 Autobot characters in new bodies. While Takara's Japanese releases used the same decos, in Japanese continuity they were former Decepticons who switched sides; hence G2 Jetfire is the same as G1, given a bit of retcon.

Robot Masters



Decepticon Cyberjets

Generation 2

Robot Masters



The list of redeco:

  • Navalized Advanced Tactical Fighter (NATF) F-22 Raptor mold
    • Hooligan (G2)
    • Jetfire
    • R-Blade
    • Wind Sheer (Universe)
    • Ricochet (Timelines)
  • F-117 Nighthawk mold
    • Skyjack
    • Air Raid (G2) / Aero Raid
    • Air Raid (Universe)
    • Delta Seeker
  • "Advanced fighter jet" mold
    • Space Case (G2)
    • Strafe (G2)
    • Space Case (Universe)
    • X-Gunner