Cyberforceps microbots

Cyberforceps is a Transformer surgical tool. Unlike human forceps (tongs for grasping) a cyberforceps is a cutting tool.

A cyberforceps cuts metal by means of an energy discharge, apparently without generating smoke or heat. It is not known what distinguishes this from a laser scalpel; presumably the cutting mechanism used is preferable in some circumstances, though it may simply be an instance of Decepticon vs. Autobot technology.

Note: The source material is unclear whether a cyberforceps is plural, like a human forceps, or singular. This article assumes the term is singular because the tool is not a two-part one. On the other hand, the singular of forceps is forcep.


The Transformers cartoon

Megatron appropriated Hook's cyberforceps to remove the Heart of Cybertron from its mount in the power system of the Nemesis. Microbots

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