The Cybercomrade Sect is a Decepticon criminal organization on Cybertron. It has a rigid hierarchical structure. Such is the secrecy maintained by the sect that even the identity of its leader is closely guarded, and few members reach the level of trust needed to be entrusted with it.

Known members


Robots in Disguise comic

Clipshade was assigned by Ultra Magnus to infiltrate the sect and discover the identity of its leader. A number of sect members ended up as prisoners aboard the Alchemor and were set loose after the ship crashed on Earth. Ultra Magnus and his team questioned several of the sect members whom Bumblebee's team had already captured, and as a result of the knowledge gained, Strongarm posed as Retrofit in an attempt to draw out and capture Clipshade. Clipshade managed to expose her by tricking her into revealing that she didn't know Afterburner was member of a rival faction, however in the end he was captured and taken back to Magnus's ship. 

After Fixit located another sect member, Overhead, Bumblebee and his team were able to capture the Buffaloid, who supplied them with a distress device which would draw out the sect's leader. Instead it drew out Clipshade, who was still hunting for the sect's leader himself, and he revealed that the possessor of the device would be the sect leader themselves. Unfortunately Overhead managed to escape Strongarm's custody in the meantime.

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