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Beast Wars

Cyber venom is the weapon of choice used by Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, and Quickstrike. Cyber venom affects the transformer immediately and causes them paralysis and pain.

Its users however are not immune to its effects. Cheetor used this to his advantage during a fight with Blackarachnia by catching the venom and throwing it into her head. The Spark Later, Optimal Optimus was shot with cyber venom by Tarantulas, causing him to short out and sing. Cutting Edge Optimus was later dosed with Megatron's own form of dragon cyber venom in their fight aboard the Nemesis. Nemesis Part 2

Transformers Animated cartoon

Blackarachnia acquired it when she was infected with her spider disease on the Spider Planet. She uses it to stun Transformers that she bites, and then she feeds on the energon inside them.

Her cyber venom can be fatal at high enough doses. She gave Prowl and Bumblebee high doses of cyber venom which would have killed them after 2 Mega-cycles if they were not given an antidote. Black Friday


  • Seeing as how Transformers are robotic lifeforms, regular venom should have absolutely no effect on them. It is possible that Cyber Venom functions more along the lines of a computer virus rather than the biological weapon that we consider to be venom.
  • The method of delivering a dose of Cyber Venom varies through different series.
    • In its first appearance in Beast Wars, it was delivered in a way similar to traditional venom in that Blackarachnia or Tarantulas had to bite their victim with their fangs.
    • In Beast Machines, Blackarachnia sends a path of energy through the ground and into her targets.
    • In Transformers Animated, Cyber Venom was delivered through the tips of Blackarachnia's spider leg kibble in humanoid mode.
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