BW Cyber raptor

Jurassic Park 4: Raptor Evolution

The Cyber raptor is a cyborg dinosaur created by Megatron as part of the early stages of his development of Transmetal 2 technology. Partly made of Cybertronian alloys, the Cyber raptor possesses powerful optic weaponry. It can be stopped, as the protohumans discovered, by destroying the cyber control system mounted on its back.

Though Megatron used Dinobot's DNA with the Transmetal Driver to create the Cyber raptor, it is not as intelligent as Clone One, the Dinobot Clone. The Cyber raptor appears to function as an ordinary organic raptor, hunting in a group but unable to communicate with or out-think either the Maximals or the protohumans. The knowhow gained from making the Cyber raptor was later used to create Dinobot II.

But, unfortunately, they were unstable, and easily destroyed by the annoying protohumans by smashing the control box on the back.


Beast Wars cartoon

The Cyber Raptors only appeared once in Beast Wars. Megatron used a group of them to attack the protohumans as part of his continuous attempts to destroy the roots of humanity. The initial attack on the protohumans was successful, scattering Chak and Una's family. However, the second attack, led by Tarantulas, was foiled by a human wielding (ironically) a hammer like the one that the original Dinobot used to defeat Megatron. The Cyber Raptors were defeated, leaping around bronco-style when their control systems were smashed, leading to one of Waspinator's many destructions. Blackarachnia stole some hardware from the destroyed raptors.

Though the plan failed, Megatron was pleased because he found that his Transmetal 2 technology worked. However, it could not fully function without a Spark in the warrior's body. Fortunately for Megatron, he just happened to have an extra spark on hand. (Well, half of one anyway.) Cutting Edge


  • The Cyber Raptors appear to be in part influenced by the Velociraptors of Jurassic Park.
  • Like a real dromaeosaur, the Cyber Raptors hunt in packs.
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